Succumbing to Abdicate for Capitulation

If you hold me down I will not flinch at your crypt touch decapitare the remaining pieces take us down to feral places that unwind around gates of Hades, at the feet of Life’s great oak. If you hold me down I will not shy away from the empty smile that will not find eyes as we lie still I know the ways of exhumation and the cold of expectation too great to carry down the mountain I am no Moses, just ashes to ashes I have no mana to share with tribe I have seen gold and grain, honey … Continue reading Succumbing to Abdicate for Capitulation

Of Life and Song

I emerge from the cellar I dwell there often but it is not my home I ascend the stairs step by step by step The climb is winding but I make it without complaint I do this often At the top of the stairs sits a small table of mahogany Burnished a shining burgundy with honey upon the table is the vase and across from the table is the light at the center The vase is sea green and boreal impossibly delicate and strong filled with life and song I know it will be shattered soon it does this often … Continue reading Of Life and Song