Constantly stoned But I’m copper tone Stalk into Sioux Falls my Sue fell down for nothing she gets drawn into the pavement my lovely chalk outline bride Her touch is cold But oh, that smile Enterprising reprisals Eschew the formalities Smokey dawn horizon And the starry night behind We’ve been running For a good long while Capsize cornerstones Even in the basement Erasure, closure, suture Spite I find that time will Kill us all slowly Like salt melting in lime We speak of the fallen And the keys to all of the doors She never says much But, sure, I … Continue reading Bride


I went seeking the Father and found Barbados island sands and ocean mists cleansing the need for salvation the calm killing me the balmy melancholy and the dogs barking in the deep evening skies my Kismet skewed by drowsiness a longing for the rivers and mountains of home my spirit wanes and flows like the tides leaving memories in thousands of broken seashells along the shores of my mind keen insights into the lost times of the past… her. Even though you were gone I tried to build a better world, as you would have I took a ship to … Continue reading Barbados

Punk Rock Luv

Accrete with acetyl tones acetone Persephone pearl opalescence melt my sandy grit with the crush groove of your hand-me-down heartache I revel in and revile your distance and wish you were hurting with me this in an instance of the smile you fake and the hands you take to midnight I want to whitewash your view of life in this purview of strife you call home bathe in the pheromones of that angry fire burning on the edge of the wasted woman behind those eyes the ones that capture darkness in every angle of light crossing your path and the … Continue reading Punk Rock Luv


impoverish threats ram jagged caustic noise derelict ionic cameras burning skin and private parts meticulous malicious For the greater good For the safety of your neighborhood A matter of national security not for sale? not in the mood Precision, incise implement action plan to renovate the failures level this level bar who you are, there is no care for you for no one cares that you were hurt before we fixed the caring that you are to be forced into by those who are supposed to listen and abide to you, oxymoronic, no? purge with noxious toxic bane flood the … Continue reading SoapBox


cogito ergo, dumb and a thermonuclear son soak up those rays with my Ray-ban smile so many ways and many of them vile I decompose the organics of the argument before it has begun ki-ki-ki-kill it all with my American manufacturing and Eastern philosophy I remember when we learned that to the victor go the spoils and the history gets changed I will just edit those lessons to fit today’s face North, South, East, West all of the cardinal directions have seen slavery and the sun stop shining the light on the roaches and they will stop scurrying into the … Continue reading Dum

The Emergence Sea

Out on the Emergence Sea so many days of sailing prevailing winds and storms set a course for me I found my way to this place so long ago amid the wreckage and ghosts of the mighty I saw a man upon the shore and I wondered what calamity had left him broken on the sand that is the way of the sea many lost and lonely victims emerging from the waters why so many losses? no longer to see or sing or feel or be I help those I can but there are no easy answers and my hands … Continue reading The Emergence Sea

Of Life and Song

I emerge from the cellar I dwell there often but it is not my home I ascend the stairs step by step by step The climb is winding but I make it without complaint I do this often At the top of the stairs sits a small table of mahogany Burnished a shining burgundy with honey upon the table is the vase and across from the table is the light at the center The vase is sea green and boreal impossibly delicate and strong filled with life and song I know it will be shattered soon it does this often … Continue reading Of Life and Song

Leap Year

There was a song in the evening that whispered to the falcon Alas, I think I will not join in the song for I fear to sing off-key Wondering if we will ever see the sun and if a smile can be summoned  the messages are done Disconcerted by the news, she took to the field running for the love of those she fears The small crowd demands an encore the falcon flies ever closer may he choose not prey near my life today Excuses for a new year anew seem hollow after winter depart through black gates I would … Continue reading Leap Year


configuring the distance of an instance in an instant metaphysical caresses coalesce into guesses and the current currently stresses the truth of the veracity of the false because causes are causing such waves I am afraid to be capsized by the fears that are made the best guess is to find some comfort in what love is around you and surrounds you with the feelings of safety and to encourage those feelings too, in those who find themselves in two Sense is sensing the insistence that all these persisting notions are just temporary commotions I have to believe that relief … Continue reading Human

In shadows I walk

I am the shadow of death I walk with you slow I run with you steadily I love you more than you could ever no I follow I see everything you will be I admire your frailty I swallow the air around you jasper and holly and elm mark me as I hold you I am shadow I am your greatest love I am your last defeat there is no mistake when my embrace you meet do not seek me my dearest I will come for you when our time is due and always I will follow know that to … Continue reading In shadows I walk