I’m followed by a shadow called danger it smiles occasionally the grin is disfigured and frightening to the unlearned, almost beautiful in the smile is a joke with no humor and little patience the joke is a twisted, morbid affair with little humor and undeniable hunger knowledge of the instruments of ire very useful in thought and deed severed voices combine on the wire combustion impact oranges blossom add another scar to my life gangrene rehabilitation blood of the fruit flows in floral vintages thick and sweet tainted white with a twist of shameless passion Mercy hospital plays heart-strings a … Continue reading Smiles

Never Far From Me

Seeking mischief in former minutes, we tessellate the pool water, pulled out by buckets shower, bodies and hair beading oils of lavender, rose and cream something good awaiting us at the interlude, four-score and 7 minutes in your gravity, I stumble out in rapture enraptured, grievances lost and abandoned along the way, not once this close to anyone than this motley assemblage of teen angst and cool clothing, jackets made by local designer among the waves, and Doc Marten Tees spin the bottle and lie anyway, tongue in cheek Drink Drink Drink Drink BONG Never will we love like we … Continue reading Never Far From Me


A pallor in the parlor humdrum conundrums force-fed cheap tricks all in the name of desperation seek a person of shining quality amongst the rabble of modern society pressure starts come in parts reading braille to those that see out to sea, are we? well, gee mutton and bread and olive and oil sanctify the significance for them all lemonade stand selling soothing beverages that boggle our dull minds elastic solutions for the proffered ending chemical warfare and Tomahawks we keep sending tempus fugit, time of times, timed out and glum feel the peeling of the razor cogito ergo sum … Continue reading Repast

Alien Truth

  mocking wind snapping bone earthshaking eyes death on her lips reverent supple divine barking laughter as realizations split skulls like hammer-blows lost wisdom for I recalcitrant feline kings sanguine clouded orbs become languid agoraphobic when alone at home fearing the away and gone to Avalon inspiring the beginning of an ending or the ending of the beginning sentient and alive seeking to find the intangibles of truth worry at the trust with teeth either something all maybe nothing one thing two mirror frowning but I do not understand its image there is a small silence and I sleep in … Continue reading Alien Truth

5 before 4 into 1 the thief

Let us dance I want to pay off and get this motherfucker out of here When confronted with realities I prefer to taunt the mockers I smell the foul air, twisting on my rictus gin grin and walk through your door you will learn to be ridiculed when you understand the game you have already lost, it is the moment of aha that I live for you forget to make your move Small people utter small words in small ways about all they are incapable of understanding comprehension of tension rope a dope, soap on a trope there is a … Continue reading 5 before 4 into 1 the thief