all right this way It’s garbage time in my headspace time to take out the trash Betty Lou is in the corner committing 4 ton murder on her younger years Zombie and the boys bopping down back streets virile mouths spitting fire walking tall for no reason none at all I’m rolling dice on my friend with a gin and soda grin fuck your twist of lemon make it bitter a heavy hitter square up to the sound come round It’s garbage day in my town why’s it so hard to come down? It is the 3 days that kill … Continue reading Garbage

Burning Blue

Sign the cue right into two fell through their purview coming to and the blue is burning with a brutal poignancy the unimaginative minds conjugate the travesties disconsolate meander to the mean without bounds fend off one’s hound unfettered furlough we swing low the carrion tattooed into steel an unmaker in the carry-on savage the wing with forced respite festival of shameless infatuation the blue is burning dropping dreams with ash and nickel sleepy in the pure air another life in breath the compulsion to shout goodbye mysteries to be tried in the eyes we seem to reach another lie … Continue reading Burning Blue


An inference of platitudes a circle and defining latitude, a foreign thought, a cross across sovereign skies intertwined tales of lassitude a 3 pence secret and yellowed articles that speak of it In front of the old brownstone with the oaken door a brass knob turned the opening thereby, gaining entry in time born of an odd soliloquy the remnant unfettered I noticed it changed your gait left unlocked, the gate swung in silently on freshly oiled hinges privy to the partly secluded, you saw the closing once you spoke of the orange Tom-cat asleep on the porch. Certain you … Continue reading Circles

Somewhere In an Opera

I bite my tongue and watch blood trace patterns of words I do not Know I wish I could die or become something more engrave your whys into their thoughts begin to understand you fools love has, is and always will be your favorite illusion so drive me home after the opera your scorn can follow me to my door but it is not allowed to come in there are demons tearing at my eyes folding visions into pills forcing me to enjoy the trip saving my feelings for the day when your eyes no longer lie alas, to wait … Continue reading Somewhere In an Opera

Minutes, Pt.2 Keep with the forced faith read your instructions strike in hatred for it will cleanse or destroy us delicately no one can feel the indolent passage of too much time, osmosis of the dangers fear spawned fool in mud-field given implements of demise the sounds of atonement have no purpose increase your production by sleeping with the lepers he pained to hear her name driving through shell shock the endless weave a scrambled stream of thread leading to nowhere I must speak, whom will live not caring for the inbred dogs, so much cattle in chains, debase your ignorance … Continue reading Minutes, Pt.2

Minutes, pt.1

grey with anguish in pain I feel.  The known is not forever forest red roads glitter, showing home blind faith sea moves with the blood, whisper the moon crowns of coins, to be here is to fall low, I think melancholic moods shifting eyes seek the mind at one with her brooding, universe stretches across voiceless reaching tundras of mistakes and forgotten promises violent emotions raging horizons burning, the bird speaks ancient sequences that flow across lakes in darkness spearheading the dawn, severed ties of kin, poor boy starves with an anarchist saint, gone to the hell we all recognize … Continue reading Minutes, pt.1


the touch of the taste of patterns in my drying mouth forgone conclusions river rise in the summer south you will never quiet someone like me ever again the combustible secret stolen out under you my friend seeking signing soiree eyes dark raven black point movements in rhythm quaking tearing at the joint mobile massive missives masticate unnerve today fate many times over the process unable replicate another missing picture faded on the crumbling wall hand and head and feet and ears ringing drowned doll I don’t recognize featured masque becoming my mother hearts outside beating peaks hands not of … Continue reading Patterns

My Fear

Pander to the knowing rough cheek rouge red slapped resounding cutting monolithic like the ego burning at the front In mourning find amusement In sorrow cannot fathom what your abuse meant sign of love, gift of hate what was the need you possess to feed me scraps from your plate I desire the longing of peace I beg for another blow to the head being unconscious is a small release I do not know if you be man or beast Your eyes scream with the knowledge of violence I grow so small I am become least Ponder all the knowing … Continue reading My Fear

Common Ground

I do not often express my religious or political views, but this poem came to me after watching the events that have unfolded in the past few weeks.  Make of it what you will. Had hope for common ground within the sound of your voice the shaking and the breaking constant quaking of home has become penultimate choice strive to come up with your comeuppance, can only navigate the pittance left by your happenstance unremitant repentance Hallelujah rings from the halls of the misbegotten veritable amnesty required unfriendly once again howling for moonshine in our rain slickers secure me for … Continue reading Common Ground

A story

Life is a story.  An epic without an end?  I just say the three little words and sip my coffee.  I prefer to pretend that you didn’t change my life.  Soft lullabies that help you to cope with the small instances in which you find yourself happy can sometimes reflect the monumental moments that catch us in the horror that fills the eyes of the child holding the hand of a corpse whose maternal identity was stolen by Chinese alchemists. Someone will whisper to your neighbor that they know about the chaos that has seized your life and cast you … Continue reading A story