Crimson Honey

Cynical in silence slaps the twilight problems dance like fireflies in wind a rueful play on words crashing into inner soul a mellow vision simmers in the summer heat impractical in its own way reminiscent of mistakes drawn from the deck clouded mind fumbling thoughts of despair the love on the way-side; stays hidden waiting blindly for an answer languid with rigorous activity disperse the dream into many days castles crumble into ruined bones crystal lake turned to stagnant pools and shadow clings to it all lapse into unconscious chatter about what may have caused the downfall of the doorways … Continue reading Crimson Honey


It’s all slipping.  It’s sliding.  Incongruous.  Untoward outwardly forward.  Mellifluous.  I put my skin on backwards to see myself from the inside, out.  I wonder what went through that medical supervisor’s mind when his employee shot him.  “Hey, this is what I am on the inside.”  I don’t know.  It’s fucking tragic.  I dislike quite a few people, and I have some former employers I despise, but to take a life over some job?  Poor soldiers.  Taking lives is their job.  I like the smell of lilacs and jasmine.  Fragrances are soothing.  Nuclear winters in Korea.  Skiing in a HASMAT. … Continue reading 42417


The verdant L shape of lonely imbued with a hazy heart of ache criss-cross applesauce demure in the aftermath of sorrow tomorrow shout it out loud indelible paint splattered on the walls of my empty pocket soul In the remaining of light the reminder’s silhouette is a dark beauty bend my will and contort to form the verdant L shape of lonely tattooed with 50 words for mistake when the adhesion fails to take what is a lonely to do I beseech you to mend my truth I have lost the togethers apart from the forevers and settled into all of … Continue reading Verdant


Enveloped, and cresting the dusk of dawn the palace is ancient there are only shadows of ghosts in residence clinging to the false sun above my bed they sometimes whisper nonsense to hear only our answers’ pentameter The thieves mock us in their debutante finery I cannot find the tears for you forever is but a sliver of an instant in the eyes of a god the truth is a fraction of an epic on the tongue of a devil I often wonder what he sees, lost count of the times I have heard others tell his tale our lives … Continue reading Lucid

Subsurface Tensions

subsurface tension subversive intentions minute shift an overlay in contrast dark, sharp parlance isolate and insolent reprobate mind bind the line into agnostic affront A lesion of grandeur corpulent cartilage crumbles vitriolic gaze miasma of mouth fetid obfuscation of intent and ire the contempt in feature makes for poor liar hand and tongue oxygen and fire what to watch for decimate dissent, ergo deified by ego connect-the-dots of spray pattern unholy hollow hallowed by thy shame razor eats jagged path into shivering skin blood pools to flow bringing clarity the focal locus crimson satin of Manifest Destiny take what is … Continue reading Subsurface Tensions

Weight of Ways

It’s the way down I am weighed down It is the words that are storming in the back of my head It’s the dead and words said It’s the waydown solve my mystery for me I condone but do not belong We all strive to keep alive the slow songs of the last dawn It weighs down on a heart concurrent salvations in a place of damnations What belongs here and those apart catcalls and masturbations apartheid and insinuations it is the weighing down done unto one form of another gun scratching the serial to provoke the surreal killer craftwerk … Continue reading Weight of Ways

Of rivers and mountains

old damage with a new face there is a tertiary peace for fresh pain in another place there is a minus in the minutes that hold the spaces an old oak outside the library still beats with the letters set by hands of innocence a setting, not undone only strengthened by the passage of seasons the loss is felt in the memory that is held too close to see clearly with blurred vision I no longer care to sing along with the names that change in the same old song the rivers speak to me of mourning and the mountains, … Continue reading Of rivers and mountains


Standing below looking up as I fell down down down Into the well an inverted spire under dire pretense inspired covenant in permanent impermanence a flash of light in dusky hues a chamber of solace imbued with melancholic silence I could live here forever and never feel out-of-place in this space of languid stupor a selfish haven for my selfless tribulation misty morning angels whispering lullabies the stain of goodbye inking me in the shadow of the ‘it’s going to be alright‘ lie I sigh and call for the rope to begin the ascent out of the hole I again wholly … Continue reading Languid

Something Beautiful

I wanted to make something beautiful… avatar of dragon bone Celtic sworl-painted warrior adorned with cold starlight stare of purest water out of night sword bare statuesque goddess of Greek proportion portrait of love so vast blooming roses painful, profane I wanted to touch something beautiful fumbling naked fingers unworthy buckling harness to steed that should never be mounted As free as thought upon the canvas of naiveté and youth I wanted to see something beautiful majestic Merlin opus of majic mellifluous articulation of perfect runic song echoing in the chambers of every beating heart thrumming in time to the … Continue reading Something Beautiful

bending low

  bending low it’s all the thoughts I cannot express talking slow the words you are forming have no meaning there’s no weight speaking in zero gravity undertow all of the times we lost ourselves in yesterday late nights of no tomorrow summer kissing and bottled lightning sweet nothings and keg parties mushrooms and marijuana dust under my fingernails smelling of mesquite and bourbon when did we die? I am not sure I can quite remember the exact day It may have something to do with what you’re trying to say waiting for it now bending low, gravel pressing through … Continue reading bending low