Something Beautiful

I wanted to make something beautiful… avatar of dragon bone Celtic sworl-painted warrior adorned with cold starlight stare of purest water out of night sword bare statuesque goddess of Greek proportion portrait of love so vast blooming roses painful, profane I wanted to touch something beautiful fumbling naked fingers unworthy buckling harness to steed that should never be mounted As free as thought upon the canvas of naiveté and youth I wanted to see something beautiful majestic Merlin opus of majic mellifluous articulation of perfect runic song echoing in the chambers of every beating heart thrumming in time to the … Continue reading Something Beautiful

bending low

  bending low it’s all the thoughts I cannot express talking slow the words you are forming have no meaning there’s no weight speaking in zero gravity undertow all of the times we lost ourselves in yesterday late nights of no tomorrow summer kissing and bottled lightning sweet nothings and keg parties mushrooms and marijuana dust under my fingernails smelling of mesquite and bourbon when did we die? I am not sure I can quite remember the exact day It may have something to do with what you’re trying to say waiting for it now bending low, gravel pressing through … Continue reading bending low


In part, impart we departed toward unknown parts unbeknownst to most disillusioned, disenchanted disappointed with the loneliness we want more the love we lost somewhere along the way the lost we loved nowhere to be found today it is soothing to believe it is out there 19 drops off the ledge and I still haven’t fallen far enough soul akimbo and awkward with an alabaster sheen and guts in between a misbegotten toy my love is longing I long for love like yours to feel joy I could be your real boy I would sing and I would dance I … Continue reading Akimbo

Never Far From Me

Seeking mischief in former minutes, we tessellate the pool water, pulled out by buckets shower, bodies and hair beading oils of lavender, rose and cream something good awaiting us at the interlude, four-score and 7 minutes in your gravity, I stumble out in rapture enraptured, grievances lost and abandoned along the way, not once this close to anyone than this motley assemblage of teen angst and cool clothing, jackets made by local designer among the waves, and Doc Marten Tees spin the bottle and lie anyway, tongue in cheek Drink Drink Drink Drink BONG Never will we love like we … Continue reading Never Far From Me

Over the Years

Over the years I have watched you grow a very long lesson now that I know a pretense that seemed oh, so very real nothing in this life left for me to steal mocking the laughter that continues berating me beside myself stretching to see still and always I fall down damn my queen and her iridescent crown like so much dirt treatment taken from no man allowing myself to drown try swimming in the sand your face fades unto dust I love you though, I had hoped to see you burning I feel I could be tripping down into … Continue reading Over the Years