OP’s TSotD-Soundgarden does Black Sabbath

Anything we should know about your change? How can you buy or sell the sky Or the warmth of the land it’s strange to us We don’t own the freshness of the air Or the sparkle of the water How can you buy them from us The white man doesn’t understand our ways For he’s a stranger who comes in the night And takes from the land just what he needs Oh yeah He treats his brothers like his enemies When it’s completed he moves on He leaves his father’s grave and his birthright His birthright is forgotten The air … Continue reading OP’s TSotD-Soundgarden does Black Sabbath

I Witness

I witness have become an eye-witness to your atrocity or do you see it as generosity? fastidious interventions causing causation burn the incense in your chambers of innocence we clamor for notoriety under tables and in backrooms torturing our propriety did we ever own any of our reality? I witness have become defenseless left alone with our decisions unbound and tied down cotton candy inquisitions color me black and blue I will not forgive you or your indiscretions we are aiming for you running for office we swallow the implications cutting away the cancers of your manipulations I see you, … Continue reading I Witness

Vermillion Dawns

I burn white flags In the breaking Dawn Bare ancient stigma To the sun a tangerine dissolution of lingering injustices stick figure platitudes enveloped in shattering velvets and vermillion annatto and corals bursting the dichotomies of our failings open me and read of the conquering shadow and dust distaste in memories scarred patterns of lassitude woe and dolor painted doors past broken down teeth set into backdrops on a stage of despondency clatter in the distance hope and salience tell-tale games of the here and now fingers brushing with wide strokes upon a palette coloured by Eliot and Shakespeare small … Continue reading Vermillion Dawns