popular populist mythos

when does it happen? shouting staccato limericks at passing cabs twirl fingers in the earth load up a Dillinger plan hoping to shoot the breeze she just blew on by horns in coat pockets cocktails shaken, then stirred rebellion in high heels 18 wheels to nowhere keep on truckin’ make-believe kills from exposure hard-bitten nuances nod off reservation, energy conservation gambling and liquor two by four funding clues on dirty floors computer tablet tableau tool paint another portrait changing frames and names upright lounge rule state fools fight for air paying $5 per water laugh at laissez-faire even in their … Continue reading popular populist mythos

inconsequential fallacies and the hands of tiny gods

one two stop incision, incision (crevice) callous differential calculus teratology precept within corn syrup extant, independent of atomic clock (your gravity disrupts its accuracy) render madness in spoonfuls mutilated precision, gnashing of teeth mutant perfection or free formed dodecahedron mindful now of chattering cinnamon hands below the waist and rope burns in a (T)rapist van waste away little hopes forensic apathy a stretch to maven viral proxy cast klaxon call over maple fields in all ways the same, always the same wave-particle duality forces action different paths under observation there are no solutions,  querilous complexity hook in mouth like spring … Continue reading inconsequential fallacies and the hands of tiny gods


dreams are necromancy fall of a whisper still carrying weight foreign dust on my tongue force thoughts of you, I hate that. loss, but not remembering orange crush and bible juice I can bathe in memories. dead between the eyes buckshot teeth strangle me into holiday crushing rocks in locust song blasphemy in every note unsung, unheard ketamine jitters ravage snake’s revenge on ice I’m a savage lost in civility cogito ergo you glitterboys caught in tete-a-tete with no one (or you or myself, it’s unclear) heavy conversation but quickly bores (into)me, a state of fugue without glue everything splits … Continue reading Necromancy

OP’s TSotD-Slothrust

Some men purchase real dolls To fill the void She don’t finish dinner And her expression never changes Don’t shake hands with the lonely kids Cause I hear that shit’s contagious Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah Animals in my bed, animals in my bed Animals in the street I like cats, do you like cats Of course you do you sassy motherfucker My stomach hurts, does your stomach hurt Do our stomaches hurt together I feel pain, do you feel pain Will this pain last forever? Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah I don’t think the flavor packet Makes it taste much different … Continue reading OP’s TSotD-Slothrust

OP’s TSotD-Soundgarden does Black Sabbath

Anything we should know about your change? How can you buy or sell the sky Or the warmth of the land it’s strange to us We don’t own the freshness of the air Or the sparkle of the water How can you buy them from us The white man doesn’t understand our ways For he’s a stranger who comes in the night And takes from the land just what he needs Oh yeah He treats his brothers like his enemies When it’s completed he moves on He leaves his father’s grave and his birthright His birthright is forgotten The air … Continue reading OP’s TSotD-Soundgarden does Black Sabbath

Wistful Poison-revised

I obfuscate my temptation by metaphor poisoning the flowers I love, and feed weeds choking at root of square problems with memento mori I don’t feel like sunshine today so pull the curtain, fade to black ensemble choirs’ aria trembling hand to hold onto means nothings were tainted absinthe and woe charlatan payday, and hey you would to if anyone were that dumb deaf to the notion I bespoke upon trodden it’s a chemical reaction playing out in this hospice bed, they won’t let you die, it hurts the profit margin I color outside lines standing in rain for another … Continue reading Wistful Poison-revised

Theories behind your albatross-Revisited

Theories behind your albatross Make larger matters seem,ah, trite Burning skin overlaps cool indifference Betraying the undertones of speech Creature comforts in a word It’s absurd, lingering at the window Thinking of times that cannot be now This intercourse of decay, discourse with whom we pray, an interlude I did nothing different today Some words, thinly written and Barely read carry more weight Than shoulders can bear Other words, boldly displayed And seen too often Bring less forbearance Than smoke adrift on air Of wind and supplication The bending of to and fro Enamoured of subjugation Alas, the lass has … Continue reading Theories behind your albatross-Revisited

some of us are still missing

a dearth in the hearth this Christmas more dirt in burial filled in by stranger hands these lessons begin bringing fruition the idea of man mortality on billboards sorrow hung on clothes’ line out back we sing low dirt tossed over solemn vow one day trodden down howl, will you cold wind baying wolf at moonrise obsequy for prey fallen interment, hallowed sound soil turned over night rich smells of fallen so visceral dig deeper when they make my bed, love I fear I may not make my own funeral, love just bury what you need to say take your … Continue reading some of us are still missing

OP’s TSotD-Cherry Glazerr

  Black, like a nuclear bomb We share the same blood You’re not alone, love Black, like a nuclear bomb We share the same blood You’re not alone, love Her smile shines through the desolate crowd Her heartbeat fell through the cloud like a painted picture Painted picture Black, like a nuclear bomb You feel the pain come, the pain come As the swelling aches for fun Like a nuclear bomb All the swans are swimming in a bathtub All the swans are swimming in a bathtub All the swans are swimming in a bathtub Up above, up above, up … Continue reading OP’s TSotD-Cherry Glazerr

OP’s TSotD Sunshine

One, a-one time, yeah Am I too contagious Full of sick desire Am I that I promise Burning corpsed pyre Then some dude came down to touch the Mother Mother touched, and dude ain’t here no more Suck your woman down Am I your reflection Melting mirror smile Am I worth the value Do my love defile Then some dude came down to touch the Mother Mother touched and dude ain’t here no more Ain’t no day the sun don’t crack Then to brand some name across my back so you care? Find someone to tell you Sunshine…sweet love my … Continue reading OP’s TSotD Sunshine