watch me.

I don’t care what you are I no longer care what you need I sicken of watching you watch Me. your breath stinks of prison rations. I’ll find turbulent times and flow.  conjugal visits form crust on memory of your albatross.  it’s heavy, the lifting up.  a crime, concomitant with verse. this need to nurse failure is a sickly pastime.  choke on our dubious catastrophe.  half alive, have a laugh about the sheer volume of venom rushing us toward a destiny of mayhem.  i’ll keep up, i swear. 2, plus too many revolutions, we resolve to revolve around pantomime. if … Continue reading watch me.

Wistful Poison-revised

I obfuscate my temptation by metaphor poisoning the flowers I love, and feed weeds choking at root of square problems with memento mori I don’t feel like sunshine today so pull the curtain, fade to black ensemble choirs’ aria trembling hand to hold onto means nothings were tainted absinthe and woe charlatan payday, and hey you would to if anyone were that dumb deaf to the notion I bespoke upon trodden it’s a chemical reaction playing out in this hospice bed, they won’t let you die, it hurts the profit margin I color outside lines standing in rain for another … Continue reading Wistful Poison-revised