intone the words of bone alone, do not condone the reality of stone fall from a groan onto the throne commission the fallacy intern the crone dying sun shone down on the ghouls drinking the methadone the color was roan, postpone shiver shimmy shake and phone for temerity and testosterone brevity astounds you inside the cyclone moan for the chaperone disown the prophets of all our loans it’s grown we hone our blades windblown in the zone rise and dethrone the deafening drone, intone intone the words of bone   image courtesy of Pinterest Continue reading Intone

A rival

Burden of truth marries you to the burden of proof the silence announces the arrival trembling cinder tones annotate the dissension emanating from indiscernible distance friends of Rome seeking the coin for Charon abate your chatter child cease your prattle child you are in the forge we are drawing out the sword Anneal Grind Harden Temper Assemble Completion burden of proof binds you to the burden of truth now go and reap Vengeance the clash of steel bent to will shaped to slay announce, a rival survival, and a hard wind will carry you child the struggle will deliver you … Continue reading A rival


I never stood up to this much….. shivers of agony only following the whispers for I haven’t a clue, what to do next Poseidon said left, and Sud said right So I turned toward the light the hell I walked into was so beautiful I cried scars into my cheeks that remind me of all the times I have lost so roll the dice once more and follow the rising sun Vishnu will only help those who understand that there is only the day and the night so come and caress my face I am now blind so lead me … Continue reading Shiver


Dedicated to survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse.  My prayers and sorrow are with you.  You are warriors, all. set the scene blue ambiance with pale ambivalence a certain moral turpitude conducted with panache aghast, but abide take it all, in stride HIDE I am penumbral eclipsed deposed by disposition ruefully relegated to tidal gray or grey dependent upon your gravitational mood this day baleful and ruinous this love professed As I suffer harmful hands bladed words piercing ears heart soul reaping ravages depraved seeping chi slowly bleeds into my pride the thorn in my side is the fang of a … Continue reading Penumbra

Cut and Again

Trigger Warning!!! bite tongue cut pull grind bleed cover stitch scar cut spit drink scream bleed cover stitch scar i repeat the same fucking lines i am defeat in the same losing games so i cut and bleed and stitch and repeat drink and drug and fuck and scream and hate o i hate you them us myself most of all so i cut until i bleed out and no one is coming there is no one who can save me and I have constructed my death just this way i am too far gone too tired to begin again … Continue reading Cut and Again