we could have burned. tidal obliquity perfume of your nascent rejection lingers near syllables still cling to ear, barely hear breath from ashes Perihelion precession torque, force me to behave open discourse Morse code, of course we were wounded. bottom has never felt so coarse, hoarse from feeding remorse another antrorse. tiger tusk powdered upon gilded grievance angelic remnant refuse refused to note confusion savaged back upon illusion, your intrusion jack-jawed sibilance scurry meth-maddened mechanics of apsis aperture, until I fall asleep defenseless in ambition Wp=mgr/Iw your angular nature brings moments of inertia vectors and tensors depend all on Euclid’s … Continue reading precession

Come, come no closer

Comes and goes, this human condition in form of song and arrows scatterglass and primrose. Forgotten lessons relearn’ed all fears made soluble saline, and erosion last one to be saved find death in memory live with dying entente trace sacred promises in condensation upon windows and doors faces and floors caught with naught, except misspellings, condemnation a wolf howls pain wolves howl our names wind knows our shame in caricature, above windowpane rain is always cold hear, chanting chittering how do we survive malaise and madness copper burning, obstruction swollen knuckles whiten holding on for, oh dear striving for knives’ … Continue reading Come, come no closer

Turning pages that I can’t read-revised

turn pages on the sun lost and I’m loaded corals curl under my eyes gettin’ high on dragon smoke I dance with Ms. no one she tells me I’m fine but I know I’m gonna die we’ll turn another page on the sun sing about mercurial days many ways we wanna win eat this porridge of sin don’t know where to begin I know to top it with some butter you can’t wipe it off your chin that shit stains you forever Ms. no body says I’m fine I know that’s her only line ’cause she’s all in my head … Continue reading Turning pages that I can’t read-revised

if forever was a Tuesday-Revised

is there a reason to be here a reason for the blood when will reason become clear ’cause I’m drowning in the flood it’s the lights and thrum heave and hum rattle and drum I keep on marchin’ to nowhere feet shufflin’ to discord playing anarchy in my head heart pounds out the subs I cannot hear it’s so loud push pull kiss and shove hold me, hug, kiss and love nothings that meant everything and I don’t know how to fall any further away would you give your permission for me to run into the sun, yes you may … Continue reading if forever was a Tuesday-Revised


we’re all blind in the beginning Some say life it is a river but I say fuck that it’s a flame you and me, we’re proper bandits off of our rockers in full-throated harmony I once heard your name come across in some forgotten tune on a Wurlitzer and it sounded like LSD we take what we need to if we deign to designate your filth, this disease will paint your front door a scarlet red A go Big or go home is the answer to the question about to fall out of your stupid mouth so keep it shut … Continue reading shine

Eerie sonic candy coated wunderkinds

kettle-corn cottonmouth kerosene insouciant AI identifies my face flipping my burger on the floor treating me the same as any human beagles barking batshit crazy borders shooting past the shootings on Google’s lead I don’t see the need to plead with the beast already in place which wolf will you feed? rust and shadow poetry and rose pizza boxes and anti-trusts, matriculate plastic is eating the ocean and China is having a laugh at what it will cost to clean moribund taciturn republican fist we’re all gonna die in the rain and the mist if you get the gist on … Continue reading Eerie sonic candy coated wunderkinds

inconsequential fallacies and the hands of tiny gods

one two stop incision, incision (crevice) callous differential calculus teratology precept within corn syrup extant, independent of atomic clock (your gravity disrupts its accuracy) render madness in spoonfuls mutilated precision, gnashing of teeth mutant perfection or free formed dodecahedron mindful now of chattering cinnamon hands below the waist and rope burns in a (T)rapist van waste away little hopes forensic apathy a stretch to maven viral proxy cast klaxon call over maple fields in all ways the same, always the same wave-particle duality forces action different paths under observation there are no solutions,  querilous complexity hook in mouth like spring … Continue reading inconsequential fallacies and the hands of tiny gods

lines of discomfort

The second son of Mr. NoOne trapped birdsong cages engaged in misery for sport binaural exposition on loss of sleep and quantum forces Mt. Musgrave and the Tasman Seas aboriginal this place, an emotion of ugly nonchalance not New Zealand, just the times unborn crimes bind aspirations falter on the lips of winter swipe three times and wish for home succumb to the pharmaceutical revolution eschew the common courtesies important calamities are self-centered predators at home in the houses of the holy mediate the trauma of darkness one, two, three, mark. zero, one, zero step to the rhythm discordant one … Continue reading lines of discomfort