Is it erotic? This erodere, cobbled path worn by the ones who came before? A need to fulfill the most basic instincts of the body as life lies in balance, ebb and flow, wax and wane. I need you to need me to want to die this way, it’s unbecoming to pretend otherwise. Is it not so? Eros, Aphrodite’s son by whomever….unfulfilled love, lust. He was a god born from Chaos prior to the Greek definition, more of a Titan. I find he better suits my mood in this older belief. Do you find it as strange as I that … Continue reading Gnawing

That one time I saw you

finally. It felt like the first time the last time I saw you I was reeling back that life line I threw to you when you fell down in that hole you carry around It was mystery, and pain horror and disdain a curse I just knew that I could break, as I was a sorcerer in love with hurt the hypnotic call of that chasm drew me in, and how I could close this portal of dolor return colour to your world but no. I slowly began to discover it was an abyss you had already surrendered to wholly, … Continue reading That one time I saw you