The verdant L shape of lonely imbued with a hazy heart of ache criss-cross applesauce demure in the aftermath of sorrow tomorrow shout it out loud indelible paint splattered on the walls of my empty pocket soul In the remaining of light the reminder’s silhouette is a dark beauty bend my will and contort to form the verdant L shape of lonely tattooed with 50 words for mistake when the adhesion fails to take what is a lonely to do I beseech you to mend my truth I have lost the togethers apart from the forevers and settled into all of … Continue reading Verdant

Lingering Shadows

I linger in shadow course by stone Norse winter snow-white tangible thoughts she brings weep, o weep for us a pallor mortis crosses crowded feuds feasting, furrowing forces fade a scar upon my face in measure I linger in shadow you know my name but I do not seek your hand you are not mine to claim wilden beasts of yore fallen have I seen travail in many travels victory and honor have suffocated me, dulled my spear brought ruin upon my sunlight it all falls away softly litany of solace written in sandstone collars of gold make lovely bindings … Continue reading Lingering Shadows

Poetry Is Me

Aurora, bore me Alice fled from my responsibilities with a stolen smile and a London overcoat sickly sweet surrenders and citron martinis just another Armageddon Wednesday gaunt debutante sambas your salsa burns baby where I go will you follow me to show me all I can never know? grandfather of no one miasma of that great era it tears at tears and fears forests of folly fending famished fiends of fire hydrochloric acid words educate my body in your ways I am feeble and scrambled like a short wave under water running a hustle, bustle slinging my game out on … Continue reading Poetry Is Me


An inference of platitudes a circle and defining latitude, a foreign thought, a cross across sovereign skies intertwined tales of lassitude a 3 pence secret and yellowed articles that speak of it In front of the old brownstone with the oaken door a brass knob turned the opening thereby, gaining entry in time born of an odd soliloquy the remnant unfettered I noticed it changed your gait left unlocked, the gate swung in silently on freshly oiled hinges privy to the partly secluded, you saw the closing once you spoke of the orange Tom-cat asleep on the porch. Certain you … Continue reading Circles

Somewhere In an Opera

I bite my tongue and watch blood trace patterns of words I do not Know I wish I could die or become something more engrave your whys into their thoughts begin to understand you fools love has, is and always will be your favorite illusion so drive me home after the opera your scorn can follow me to my door but it is not allowed to come in there are demons tearing at my eyes folding visions into pills forcing me to enjoy the trip saving my feelings for the day when your eyes no longer lie alas, to wait … Continue reading Somewhere In an Opera


the touch of the taste of patterns in my drying mouth forgone conclusions river rise in the summer south you will never quiet someone like me ever again the combustible secret stolen out under you my friend seeking signing soiree eyes dark raven black point movements in rhythm quaking tearing at the joint mobile massive missives masticate unnerve today fate many times over the process unable replicate another missing picture faded on the crumbling wall hand and head and feet and ears ringing drowned doll I don’t recognize featured masque becoming my mother hearts outside beating peaks hands not of … Continue reading Patterns

Fall in Rhapsody

mountain copper essence of the thoughts of you burnished bright like an autumn afternoon A vision of life exquisite rose-gold amber, copper, bronze and cream morning mists and aquamarine if I could I would paint earth and sky in the shades of your hair and the colour of your eyes ne’er did I ever see the image of woman captured so perfectly Auburn curls iris of seas, green My heart unfurls, and the falling for you in rhapsody   Continue reading Fall in Rhapsody


A pallor in the parlor humdrum conundrums force-fed cheap tricks all in the name of desperation seek a person of shining quality amongst the rabble of modern society pressure starts come in parts reading braille to those that see out to sea, are we? well, gee mutton and bread and olive and oil sanctify the significance for them all lemonade stand selling soothing beverages that boggle our dull minds elastic solutions for the proffered ending chemical warfare and Tomahawks we keep sending tempus fugit, time of times, timed out and glum feel the peeling of the razor cogito ergo sum … Continue reading Repast


I can bend the wind into a friend but there is no escaping the shape I’m in and if I recall before we fall I must find a way to begin and though I loathe the artistry of this lovely haberdashery I cannot help but to admire the mastery of all the odds and ends you masticate my convictions with red clay and honey overt allusions of lust and hope candid in my felicity I must amend that I could bend the wind but there is no escaping this love I’m in Continue reading Wind