E, clip, see

I told myself I would write but there’s nothing to say the whore at my core says to go fuck something but I don’t have what it takes to go to war today the sun goes dark in the park I watch and wait for the Hand of God to crush all of this disease into a neutron star I don’t think he will but I must be patient ’cause I do not think he’s far ponder push plush plundering pulverizing prideful personal passions preponderant, perforation pleasures pause, pun, passive in passing puking porous published politics please, prequel perplexing Pacmans … Continue reading E, clip, see


pedantic the musing and meandering of formless thoughts etching themselves in the night a tomcat chasing his tail in the barnyard pat-pat-pat, sounds of falling rain dripping into a puddle outside the window of love and loss and candy drunk on obsessions of the never-had wooden crosses turned ironwood rose sheepish in their noble quality a kinship with the forsaken toys of Christmas past the artifacts of adolescence adults no longer care for crescendo pounding into the forebrain annotating the unthinkable transgression against the unknowable desperate for a companion’s voice meditating on the throbbing silence of exile it is a … Continue reading pedantic

Turn to Night

I do not feel needed but sometimes wanted I’m often beneath you and a bit haunted Opening doors that go nowhere at dawn Marching to pale tunes ever a pawn coalescing over green hills dew drop serenade As long as I swallow the pills I can be unmade awaken whole with feverish start glum the forecasting of the pulling apart A night comes, a day together the same marching to pale tunes that unspell my name I do not feel wanted but alas I am needed there’s a chilling wind and clouds have been seeded turn toward the storm thundering … Continue reading Turn to Night