OP’s TSotD-Nada Surf

Three important rules for breaking up Don’t put off breaking up when you know you want to Prolonging the situation only makes it worse Tell him honestly, simply, kindly, but firmly Don’t make a big production Don’t make up an elaborate story This will help you avoid a big tear-jerking scene If you want to date other people say so Be prepared for the boy to feel hurt and rejected Even if you’ve gone together for only a short time, And haven’t been too serious There’s still a feeling of rejection when someone says She preferres the company of others … Continue reading OP’s TSotD-Nada Surf

OP’s TSotD-Cherry Glazerr

Flesh and bones, giving in I can’t see the fog I’m in But it’s there, in my eyes In my car, in the sky I’m so tired, weekend in I’m an unproductive sin Special lady with her issues You can sue me if I kiss you I’m a wasted girl And I don’t know how I’m a wasted girl And I don’t know how I’m a wasted girl, I’m a wasted girl I’m a wasted nun and I don’t have fun Turn over, turn over, turn over Make myself tough, making my commotion Going through these motions Let me in … Continue reading OP’s TSotD-Cherry Glazerr

OP’s TSotD-Better Oblivion Community Center

DYLAN THOMAS It was quite early one morning Hit me without warning I went to hear the general speak I was standing for the anthem Banners all around him Confetti made it hard to see Put my footsteps on the pavement Starved for entertainment Four seasons of revolving doors So sick of being honest I’ll die like Dylan Thomas A seizure on the barroom floor I’m getting greedy with this private hell I’ll go it alone, but that’s just as well These cats are scared and feral The flag pins on their lips As the truth is anybody’s guess These … Continue reading OP’s TSotD-Better Oblivion Community Center