The absence is fertile Cinder and wormwood oblique in caricature masque of navel peach engraved forbearance in an expression impression upon gaze become volatile, season of sundown. Bathe austere in bright color convene covenant, prayer coronal lost god 7 steps meet portal fear tread forward mete out sacrifice lay among lion and lamb lead, beg or follow choice begets meaning harbinger of reckoning. Slip slide grasping fall quiet shattering solemn vows in honor an exchange fruits’ pleasure ring around poesey storm moving swiftly toward shore.   image courtesy of Pinterest         Continue reading Excandesco

lost in the clouds

Hey! are you okay? thought life had forsaken you once more in the gardens of the misbehaved those soft-spoken can be so loud it’s difficult to see ground when you’re lost in the clouds did I tell you? my dreams returned again just the other night I was so frightened of the passing I ran toward the light gates were open but you could not follow me in so I turned heel and strode toward the place you were standing tripping we fell forward in the sand hand in hand, I awoke to find you slumbering in my arms I … Continue reading lost in the clouds