bending low

  bending low it’s all the thoughts I cannot express talking slow the words you are forming have no meaning there’s no weight speaking in zero gravity undertow all of the times we lost ourselves in yesterday late nights of no tomorrow summer kissing and bottled lightning sweet nothings and keg parties mushrooms and marijuana dust under my fingernails smelling of mesquite and bourbon when did we die? I am not sure I can quite remember the exact day It may have something to do with what you’re trying to say waiting for it now bending low, gravel pressing through … Continue reading bending low


In part, impart we departed toward unknown parts unbeknownst to most disillusioned, disenchanted disappointed with the loneliness we want more the love we lost somewhere along the way the lost we loved nowhere to be found today it is soothing to believe it is out there 19 drops off the ledge and I still haven’t fallen far enough soul akimbo and awkward with an alabaster sheen and guts in between a misbegotten toy my love is longing I long for love like yours to feel joy I could be your real boy I would sing and I would dance I … Continue reading Akimbo


There is no one left I’m the only one here to say goodbye As painful as scars upon the moon my smile has the same feel, cratered and barren along with all the nothings we did not say pondering the bruises you left me I can pretend when I am under you eyes losing again without the reasons observing the fall of different seasons how long you will be gone that I cannot say Dust settles on the memories of yesterday leaving without the lies you packed in my things I found them beforehand when you would sometimes sing Aloof, … Continue reading Hearts

Never Far From Me

Seeking mischief in former minutes, we tessellate the pool water, pulled out by buckets shower, bodies and hair beading oils of lavender, rose and cream something good awaiting us at the interlude, four-score and 7 minutes in your gravity, I stumble out in rapture enraptured, grievances lost and abandoned along the way, not once this close to anyone than this motley assemblage of teen angst and cool clothing, jackets made by local designer among the waves, and Doc Marten Tees spin the bottle and lie anyway, tongue in cheek Drink Drink Drink Drink BONG Never will we love like we … Continue reading Never Far From Me


Was it the look in your eyes before the goodbyes that took us by surprise ’cause we knew they were lies and I could read it in your skies and hear it in your sighs Because of the way my insides felt inside on the side when I could feel you I knew that without doubt what it was all about under the spell you sell to my cells broken man reeling ragged little puppet twirling to the tune on your lips and the stories on your hips I had the verve to  swerve toward your shelter, helter skelter could … Continue reading you

Bronze Edges

A Collaboration with B from Inner Ramblings Boulevard Your beauty has bronze edges, It pulls me in like a force I can’t withstand. Sapphire shine and golden gleam, Your eyes catch everything. I am wrapped up in your fabric, Aching to feel your sweet satin lips. Raven hair and tempered steel, I tremble so close to your body. I want more than just your luscious skin, Craving to be etched in your glowing heart. This cannot be cardinal sin, you are the temple I pray within. Your core is surrounded by rainbows, The outside is below the heavens gates. Angels … Continue reading Bronze Edges


Moving parts of broken hearts beginning again, repeat the starts nocturnal emotions, hearts aren’t smart they believe all kinds of flash fiction you must mind your diction avoiding language of soul restriction the kind that bites in the nights of bitter disappointment learned from scars, no longer wishing on stars the hurt on par with the devils you spar it’s just your everything that feels the mar if only you could play guitar, you would sing away the longing with abandon the other won there’s no one the phaser’s on stun moving hearts with broken parts doomed to fall at … Continue reading puzzles

My New Poem On Sudden Denouement

Hello all. I have a new work up on Sudden Denouement which is a collaborative piece with braveandreckless author Christine Ray.  She is phenomenal and it was such a joy writing with her.  Hope you take the time to explore her work! Cheers!   Continue reading My New Poem On Sudden Denouement