Ashen tones

cold bones of ash brush down hidden in seeds of carbon flesh of daoine sídhe commend both sides with grief it’s flowing down running around madmen on toadstools squawking of sound many moons to see poison was free move on down into valley maple, rust phoenixes of dust have come upon thee, naught be here now come on down death moves quietly evening nightshade no wheat to sow nor corn to grow just bones in ash ashen tones seeded in carbon no more disease just nothing now, bereft empty seasons of greystone snow all journeyed onto great halls below o … Continue reading Ashen tones

Some sunshine

dumb, drunk and unhappy shuffling feet in a barnstorm clapping nostalgia on the back the knives’ out just for show if this wasn’t love, I’d label it scorn I am a collection of lines in old and forgotten songs dusty hymns sung to the low ultraviolet dope down dawg collared flea-bitten mongrel of a steed bent on bad knees weak, in need of a peek at anything that can bring some sunshine Fostered gasoline children foment rebellion from our nether regions apart by river and wall side by side on the map to go where you need to go we … Continue reading Some sunshine