Poetry Is Me

Aurora, bore me Alice fled from my responsibilities with a stolen smile and a London overcoat sickly sweet surrenders and citron martinis just another Armageddon Wednesday gaunt debutante sambas your salsa burns baby where I go will you follow me to show me all I can never know? grandfather of no one miasma of that great era it tears at tears and fears forests of folly fending famished fiends of fire hydrochloric acid words educate my body in your ways I am feeble and scrambled like a short wave under water running a hustle, bustle slinging my game out on … Continue reading Poetry Is Me


Absinthe and the cartography of bone radiant lies in a bed of ashes coals red enfolded in carbon black a forcing endorsed by the sources of course remnants of lives hide in wake of ruined gaze haunts cling to iris spilling across chasms of encounter dry mouth nonchalance ruby derelictions eroded convictions millennial milestones mark the miles making up the millions of modest mavens of masochism you have met. Leech out the last drop of my love There is dust on the counter at least there is salt for the meat cloaked by night and whisky-drenched shame the inference is … Continue reading Cartography


the ashes of the undertow disperse leaving us feeling futile agnostic reintroduction to the divine caring for the lost we strive to fill the loss with cherries and hand grenades I blame you no matter the cost insouciant male pedigrees dilapidate our once treasured stories of peace and pieces there was a forest now no more only scenic noir fostered by hell’s children advent the process of elimination and strangle my foothold with your bony fingers the touch of squirming eels incarcerate the canon of dust fall further into the frontier of nothings and distaste my Shadow looms above my … Continue reading suffer

Today’s News

Indelible, the touch of the restless dementia hours of nothing dedicated to the honors we are pleased to abhor in small plaid workings of the horse’s hair shouting mayhem in stocks bonds straining against the drying out of decency we manipulate the ruins just to see what comes out of my madness is beautiful too far gone in this muddy water blues gripping the railing about the digging of my bones pirating another soul  with cash money brothers, am I my brother’s keeper of bees in my bonnet and the tearing away of starlet dancing survivors on tv surviving in … Continue reading Today’s News


impoverish threats ram jagged caustic noise derelict ionic cameras burning skin and private parts meticulous malicious For the greater good For the safety of your neighborhood A matter of national security not for sale? not in the mood Precision, incise implement action plan to renovate the failures level this level bar who you are, there is no care for you for no one cares that you were hurt before we fixed the caring that you are to be forced into by those who are supposed to listen and abide to you, oxymoronic, no? purge with noxious toxic bane flood the … Continue reading SoapBox


Homage play the dimpled down players and dulcet toned naysayers they want to push it, feed shit, under grit sand bone force fit downtime with the metronome ugly malcontent, half-spent allegory breathing life where there was none before a yellow door, another whore no wife where there was one before Impersonate the impersonators to elevate your charitable collage Intrude upon the thistles sharkskin boots shining like the predators they once were soles find windpipes pop like tarts getting toasted on cold nights in an opioid gulag suburb callous calculations cogitate upon the sum of one in your best homespun even … Continue reading Homage


“It’s all lust and ashes”, quotes the filthy eyed prophet a squawking raven on swept sidewalk panoramic vision of her purview a lo mein domain, noodle boxes discarded chewing old bottle caps and spouting love songs the lowly fool cursed with the wisdom of gods she tends to dance a jig around the lunch hour what she prances for I do not presume to know there is a golden bell she keeps in breast pocket a broken, anguished sound it makes or at least I think so her eyes are of the wolf they speak of winter and indomitable spirits … Continue reading Prophet


all right this way It’s garbage time in my headspace time to take out the trash Betty Lou is in the corner committing 4 ton murder on her younger years Zombie and the boys bopping down back streets virile mouths spitting fire walking tall for no reason none at all I’m rolling dice on my friend with a gin and soda grin fuck your twist of lemon make it bitter a heavy hitter square up to the sound come round It’s garbage day in my town why’s it so hard to come down? It is the 3 days that kill … Continue reading Garbage

Burning Blue

Sign the cue right into two fell through their purview coming to and the blue is burning with a brutal poignancy the unimaginative minds conjugate the travesties disconsolate meander to the mean without bounds fend off one’s hound unfettered furlough we swing low the carrion tattooed into steel an unmaker in the carry-on savage the wing with forced respite festival of shameless infatuation the blue is burning dropping dreams with ash and nickel sleepy in the pure air another life in breath the compulsion to shout goodbye mysteries to be tried in the eyes we seem to reach another lie … Continue reading Burning Blue


An inference of platitudes a circle and defining latitude, a foreign thought, a cross across sovereign skies intertwined tales of lassitude a 3 pence secret and yellowed articles that speak of it In front of the old brownstone with the oaken door a brass knob turned the opening thereby, gaining entry in time born of an odd soliloquy the remnant unfettered I noticed it changed your gait left unlocked, the gate swung in silently on freshly oiled hinges privy to the partly secluded, you saw the closing once you spoke of the orange Tom-cat asleep on the porch. Certain you … Continue reading Circles