OP’s TSotD Sunshine

One, a-one time, yeah Am I too contagious Full of sick desire Am I that I promise Burning corpsed pyre Then some dude came down to touch the Mother Mother touched, and dude ain’t here no more Suck your woman down Am I your reflection Melting mirror smile Am I worth the value Do my love defile Then some dude came down to touch the Mother Mother touched and dude ain’t here no more Ain’t no day the sun don’t crack Then to brand some name across my back so you care? Find someone to tell you Sunshine…sweet love my … Continue reading OP’s TSotD Sunshine

Bands You Need To Know by OP

This band is categorical genius.  If you’re late to fandom, get on board the train now.   I do what I want I say what I want I wear what I want I’m walking away You know I don’t mind I chill by myself You know I’m flyin’ High I’m way up in the Sky Don’t even have to try ‘Cause I can see everything Da da da da da da doo Da da da da da doo Da da da da da doo Da da da da da da doo Da da da da da doo Da da da … Continue reading Bands You Need To Know by OP

OP’s Theme Song of the Day

  The world is a vampire, sent to drain Secret destroyers, hold you up to the flames And what do I get, for my pain? Betrayed desires, and a piece of the game Even though I know, I suppose I’ll show All my cool and cold, like old job Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage Then someone will say what is lost can never be saved Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage Now … Continue reading OP’s Theme Song of the Day

get a ticket back

anorexic anti-angels sway in willow traces tracers racing as bodies writhe with incorporeal grace flowing faces cannot grasp names escape so quickly in this pulsing neospace ephemeral exorcists carry keys to kingdom every beat of the drum is a tectonic shift flowing outward from fingertips brushing electric air reverberating incandescence an orgy of movement, (oneness) join the fray with hopeless abandon to dance beside pyre is to burn in the fire a corpulent touch, synchronous watch a God particle melt into impossibly small bottom quarks That go up,up,up. emotions discordant begin rhythmic chant death, life, sex, joy, fear, hope, sadness … Continue reading get a ticket back


The verdant L shape of lonely imbued with a hazy heart of ache criss-cross applesauce demure in the aftermath of sorrow tomorrow shout it out loud indelible paint splattered on the walls of my empty pocket soul In the remaining of light the reminder’s silhouette is a dark beauty bend my will and contort to form the verdant L shape of lonely tattooed with 50 words for mistake when the adhesion fails to take what is a lonely to do I beseech you to mend my truth I have lost the togethers apart from the forevers and settled into all of … Continue reading Verdant


An unearthly visage set in grim mask.  It seems words come everyday, every way. Something happens; I know not what.  Majesty or tragedy.  Traffic.  I feel it gathering, like dust in antique store, West Texas.  Blind as a fool in a hurricane wind.  Some other sense pulling.  My soul grows restless and time of change is coming. Caress the pattern.  Observe the mystery of sigla that speak of kings, mountains, wars, rivers, home.  A key to some greater meaning.  Criminal that we cannot find it.  Shopping malls and hospices.  Kerosene on my fingers.  The smell of orange and cardamom. Something … Continue reading Sigma

Of rivers and mountains

old damage with a new face there is a tertiary peace for fresh pain in another place there is a minus in the minutes that hold the spaces an old oak outside the library still beats with the letters set by hands of innocence a setting, not undone only strengthened by the passage of seasons the loss is felt in the memory that is held too close to see clearly with blurred vision I no longer care to sing along with the names that change in the same old song the rivers speak to me of mourning and the mountains, … Continue reading Of rivers and mountains

Freakx and Tinfoil

With a stark spark I begin to sin.  There’s sex in my blood and blood in our sex.  I tremble with chills of fever in feverish chill.  The skin behind your ear resonates with secrets unkept by the murdered.  Tumors pulse in the hate of your love and I relish in its agony.  Tin foil peace pipes litter the scene of our sodomy.  I love your hateful arrogance and I want to kill the look on your face.  It is too precious to share with anyone else.  I don’t understand this dance, this midnight trance we seem to repeat over … Continue reading Freakx and Tinfoil