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Indelible, the touch of the restless dementia hours of nothing dedicated to the honors we are pleased to abhor in small plaid workings of the horse’s hair shouting mayhem in stocks bonds straining against the drying out of decency we manipulate the ruins just to see what comes out of my madness is beautiful too far gone in this muddy water blues gripping the railing about the digging of my bones pirating another soul  with cash money brothers, am I my brother’s keeper of bees in my bonnet and the tearing away of starlet dancing survivors on tv surviving in … Continue reading Today’s News


An inference of platitudes a circle and defining latitude, a foreign thought, a cross across sovereign skies intertwined tales of lassitude a 3 pence secret and yellowed articles that speak of it In front of the old brownstone with the oaken door a brass knob turned the opening thereby, gaining entry in time born of an odd soliloquy the remnant unfettered I noticed it changed your gait left unlocked, the gate swung in silently on freshly oiled hinges privy to the partly secluded, you saw the closing once you spoke of the orange Tom-cat asleep on the porch. Certain you … Continue reading Circles


A sing-along Sunday in the arms of America taking scraps from our plates you know our people love their peaceful kinds of hate a pillar of faith will guide you surrender lays paramount so walk behind spirits true Mystic steps in closed shroud a ship upon the sea far away and oh so close my father stands with me color stained fingers shaking mandala visions unfold serenity there for the taking shelter from the cold I need a piece of the puzzle a solution for that which is me Counting the time wasted giving it all away for free I … Continue reading Surrender


Starving for something undefined beyond our grasp We are left alone with our illusions a fingerprint a whisper this time part of the answer a kiss to hold a salve for the cancer untouched by love unfettered by emotion, above I want so much for this part of the equation… what I have found to be my solution something to believe in…. brief, but electric like a tree first taken root, but has lived in its forest for centuries Don’t let me die I feel that look in your eye I hope the embraces do not grow colder as we … Continue reading Feel