fears and faces

I have written of fear of the faceless and you name me fearless smoky, inky-black opalescence illuminating the dark with ill faces that no longer can find home a draught of bitter with dinner I have read of fear of the faceless and you call me fearful undertones of melancholic habit our hard edge nine-to-five nonchalance yes father I know my numbers .22 .32 9mm .45 10mm .243 .306 7.62mm the cant and wrote of my forebears I know who is saved and who is not but father, why? ‘because it is the way it has always been’ the tagline … Continue reading fears and faces

Some sunshine

dumb, drunk and unhappy shuffling feet in a barnstorm clapping nostalgia on the back the knives’ out just for show if this wasn’t love, I’d label it scorn I am a collection of lines in old and forgotten songs dusty hymns sung to the low ultraviolet dope down dawg collared flea-bitten mongrel of a steed bent on bad knees weak, in need of a peek at anything that can bring some sunshine Fostered gasoline children foment rebellion from our nether regions apart by river and wall side by side on the map to go where you need to go we … Continue reading Some sunshine

Weight of Ways

It’s the way down I am weighed down It is the words that are storming in the back of my head It’s the dead and words said It’s the waydown solve my mystery for me I condone but do not belong We all strive to keep alive the slow songs of the last dawn It weighs down on a heart concurrent salvations in a place of damnations What belongs here and those apart catcalls and masturbations apartheid and insinuations it is the weighing down done unto one form of another gun scratching the serial to provoke the surreal killer craftwerk … Continue reading Weight of Ways


Constantly stoned But I’m copper tone Stalk into Sioux Falls my Sue fell down for nothing she gets drawn into the pavement my lovely chalk outline bride Her touch is cold But oh, that smile Enterprising reprisals Eschew the formalities Smokey dawn horizon And the starry night behind We’ve been running For a good long while Capsize cornerstones Even in the basement Erasure, closure, suture Spite I find that time will Kill us all slowly Like salt melting in lime We speak of the fallen And the keys to all of the doors She never says much But, sure, I … Continue reading Bride


configuring the distance of an instance in an instant metaphysical caresses coalesce into guesses and the current currently stresses the truth of the veracity of the false because causes are causing such waves I am afraid to be capsized by the fears that are made the best guess is to find some comfort in what love is around you and surrounds you with the feelings of safety and to encourage those feelings too, in those who find themselves in two Sense is sensing the insistence that all these persisting notions are just temporary commotions I have to believe that relief … Continue reading Human

In shadows I walk

I am the shadow of death I walk with you slow I run with you steadily I love you more than you could ever no I follow I see everything you will be I admire your frailty I swallow the air around you jasper and holly and elm mark me as I hold you I am shadow I am your greatest love I am your last defeat there is no mistake when my embrace you meet do not seek me my dearest I will come for you when our time is due and always I will follow know that to … Continue reading In shadows I walk


  Light up my death Light my candle and burn out my breath   Singe the hairs on my face feed my pet fear hid my master in silk and lace   Set up my life’s play make-up man refreshes me and tells me what to say   She will not speak in lies only with half-truths captivating beneath deep blue skies   Fortune does not smile I cannot find myself I’m told he’s down the road…… one more mile   Continue reading Purge