Grasping convolutions anything will do really corrugated steel rictus pulls at corners a shadow play in ritual dusk down another glass of slow derision at the nearest watering hole wondering how and why I am unholy reconcile I’m alone with the pictures we both inhabit I could not hold the fire so now I choke on smoke and bathe in ashes my breath stinks of rebellion my words are heavy and low, lo unto tomorrow riveting the compunction to depart the now the how and when of it matter little respond to extinguish the embers of my love, of your … Continue reading Gestalt

Middle of Now/here

We’re in the middle of my mind everywhere I look all these people talk talk talk talk talkin aware of the noise but deaf to the beat the feeble din bounces around this hole I’m stranded in in a state of waiting to begin whisper at the yelling syllables weighed down on my tongue like a sun the picture fills the black with non sequitur evoking rituals a candle struggles to illuminate  the middle of my mind repercussions of all the things I can no longer hear the hands of time have wiped away the scenery Alas, and lo, and hark feel the … Continue reading Middle of Now/here


tremendous impacts the words of labor become mainstream sugar cube swept from initial feelings taken by abuse and ping times never did you exist…. just dreaded and dreamt of melancholy a sweetness of desperation labyrinth of the hurting should we go on entertaining the death, are we going to far? not to notice the starving, decadent kissing men in modern legalities organize the unions of hate solve nothing but create uncanny comprehensions perception distorted depressions breathe in the confusion we drown in dust and aluminum get into the rhythm of disobedience poetic verse speaks soft, selling you the nonsense and … Continue reading Pallid


corduroy gap cover mouth ingest frosted agony seeping sloven slaughter of the in-between of loves and loss jingle jingle boss man taking Talis and cocaine burden family with insolence fail to rebel in the revolution cacophony of protest protesting against the opposition’s protests par for the course, 4 Intuit the amalgamation of sufferance pish posh magpie catch a parasite in blood and eye twist and shout black frame gods eating pixels at 3am ignorant of the perils and pleasures of the flesh and bone throne upon tone of the operator intones the catastrophic news flooding the fires with personal bombs … Continue reading InJest

No explanation

So Facebook this I was standing, thinking hating and debating over the latte you made for me if all of the things that bite at you through the night weighting, irritating brought you to the point of critical mass would we expect an explosion or a whimper? Four more times I have sought the answers but only received the pain of unknowing unbinding, unmaking deliverance without choice circumventing creation we fought to give you a voice no remembrance of the sacrifice just here to entice invading your life little words that don’t make sense mete out today’s punishment behind close … Continue reading No explanation


the ashes of the undertow disperse leaving us feeling futile agnostic reintroduction to the divine caring for the lost we strive to fill the loss with cherries and hand grenades I blame you no matter the cost insouciant male pedigrees dilapidate our once treasured stories of peace and pieces there was a forest now no more only scenic noir fostered by hell’s children advent the process of elimination and strangle my foothold with your bony fingers the touch of squirming eels incarcerate the canon of dust fall further into the frontier of nothings and distaste my Shadow looms above my … Continue reading suffer


Intern In turn, interment Interim intermittent Enter, around the winter The saints shake stones Sharing the stories of Impertinent youth Impairing reasons, deliverance Casual impersonation Impermanence inspired Taking tolls from souls Imparting partitions In parts unknown interspersed envisions envision immanence Immaculate, inking Incisions to grasp Cold bone introductions Inhabit inhibitions Imprison, impartial Improvising provisional Empirical formulae Interruption of vision Inexact injuries Idolized immolation Infancy impinges upon Impending implosion Influx immunity I or eye or i.e. Imbue Impoverish Isolate Incinerate Inflame Impale Impure Intomb Interpretation? I or me or we or you or them or us or they or he or … Continue reading Interment

Today’s News

Indelible, the touch of the restless dementia hours of nothing dedicated to the honors we are pleased to abhor in small plaid workings of the horse’s hair shouting mayhem in stocks bonds straining against the drying out of decency we manipulate the ruins just to see what comes out of my madness is beautiful too far gone in this muddy water blues gripping the railing about the digging of my bones pirating another soul  with cash money brothers, am I my brother’s keeper of bees in my bonnet and the tearing away of starlet dancing survivors on tv surviving in … Continue reading Today’s News


And it’s all so heavy.  Burden of mine embedded.  It sticks like a low spring evening in Georgia, suffocating, full of old ghosts and drab speech.  There’s cheese-wire cutting through my muscles, fire ants in my bones.  Worms eating my guts, spiders behind my eyes.  Noises so loud it is the earth sundering, no, the collapsing of a star. Heavy.  My heart is on fire and my mind blanketed by winter snow.  I have been crucified but unlike the saviour, I cannot die.  Moving into a half-waking stupor.  I engage in the act of living, but it is a poor … Continue reading Heavy

Chilling Salt

cross the center exposing nerve steel against darkness, bite for feeling numb shifting eyes forage naked souls in green ice invigorate the empty shell, burn burn burn the banners bodies step on the wind at city gates, painted runic vibrations saving our souls as carve into monolith speak quickly virulent emotional warp, a stand for nothing in common decency decays awash in decadence, dementia dance with the pipers and learn well the song obey the masters, everyone has directions for use Noose around neck tie silly notions aspire gain the world and lose some principles an easy trade, killing machines … Continue reading Chilling Salt