Absinthe and the cartography of bone radiant lies in a bed of ashes coals red enfolded in carbon black a forcing endorsed by the sources of course remnants of lives hide in wake of ruined gaze haunts cling to iris spilling across chasms of encounter dry mouth nonchalance ruby derelictions eroded convictions millennial milestones mark the miles making up the millions of modest mavens of masochism you have met. Leech out the last drop of my love There is dust on the counter at least there is salt for the meat cloaked by night and whisky-drenched shame the inference is … Continue reading Cartography

Today’s News

Indelible, the touch of the restless dementia hours of nothing dedicated to the honors we are pleased to abhor in small plaid workings of the horse’s hair shouting mayhem in stocks bonds straining against the drying out of decency we manipulate the ruins just to see what comes out of my madness is beautiful too far gone in this muddy water blues gripping the railing about the digging of my bones pirating another soul  with cash money brothers, am I my brother’s keeper of bees in my bonnet and the tearing away of starlet dancing survivors on tv surviving in … Continue reading Today’s News

Chilling Salt

cross the center exposing nerve steel against darkness, bite for feeling numb shifting eyes forage naked souls in green ice invigorate the empty shell, burn burn burn the banners bodies step on the wind at city gates, painted runic vibrations saving our souls as carve into monolith speak quickly virulent emotional warp, a stand for nothing in common decency decays awash in decadence, dementia dance with the pipers and learn well the song obey the masters, everyone has directions for use Noose around neck tie silly notions aspire gain the world and lose some principles an easy trade, killing machines … Continue reading Chilling Salt


impoverish threats ram jagged caustic noise derelict ionic cameras burning skin and private parts meticulous malicious For the greater good For the safety of your neighborhood A matter of national security not for sale? not in the mood Precision, incise implement action plan to renovate the failures level this level bar who you are, there is no care for you for no one cares that you were hurt before we fixed the caring that you are to be forced into by those who are supposed to listen and abide to you, oxymoronic, no? purge with noxious toxic bane flood the … Continue reading SoapBox

Leap Year

There was a song in the evening that whispered to the falcon Alas, I think I will not join in the song for I fear to sing off-key Wondering if we will ever see the sun and if a smile can be summoned  the messages are done Disconcerted by the news, she took to the field running for the love of those she fears The small crowd demands an encore the falcon flies ever closer may he choose not prey near my life today Excuses for a new year anew seem hollow after winter depart through black gates I would … Continue reading Leap Year

Longing…a little

A little longing goes a long way I can still remember the feel of the air you carry when you are angry It sometimes amuses me, somewhat, a little…. A little here, and a little there the retributions feeling recourse inactive actions by our joint decisions despairing, incongruous…. a little. Fear before I am forced to ask for it dance, sing, making merry little people, so little just a little I need a little to feel little leaving may hurt? ….a little do I bleed? A little…. I will not miss you much, you know just, maybe, perhaps, perchance a … Continue reading Longing…a little

Come Back Later

i have nothing to give today nothing worthwhile to say lights are on, but noone is home my mind said he left to roam i have nothing to give today no thoughts, no words, just blank sums calculating zero in every way i have nothing to say today no ships out in the bay whilst i try so… “just, I don’t know”… i have nothing to give today nothing to see here, please be on your way no pictures, no calls i’ll be here if i may just me and the walls with nothing to say     Continue reading Come Back Later


complacency confounded meticulously fragile ambassador speaking incant rave over innocence theme of restitution kill and kill again scheme of empires distraught leader of the people enact for the common good can this be, is this true? once upon a time I knew you battered wife crying shame living in liquid sorrow fervently praying for one more tomorrow screaming trees whisper radiant sketched to sweet perfection monster of mind dwelling in the finale of fanatics a change of heart different seasons stigmata degenerate Cyclopean cities rantings lurid and divine screaming unholy matrimony blood flows, fully intertwine Cthulu searches, restless reaching out … Continue reading Drawings


It extends on either side 5 miles long pushing away for a time in the blink of an eye Score and Analyze the process behind our minds on the price of the cream left behind when we were drowning Around a sound in the sun deep origin break through fun concave iconoclasts monitor our lines to please themselves “Let me tell you about my experience” Sitting in the throws of a crossfade download tiny angry birds in little boxes fit just right Say, man where is my meal ticket? Was chewing nails at the bus stop and tripped on a … Continue reading Threshold


Serial killer calm a mark few bear misanthrope guide to hell more and more, the deeper dive sea-green vase holds nothing Hate is a kind of peace Peace is a kind of bait need to relieve the mind a back strained by burden borrowed middle age snatches of conversation uninterpret the secret horror commonplace factor PhoBia is god War is a chess-game for kerosene shadows and shopping malls earthen throat will swallow the bodies not to be forgotten they will park blackstone on your head Should not remember the past courage in desert pains invisible walls under holy sun light … Continue reading Manuscript