pheromone causeway to a Juliet birthday I will swill poison just to kill you for a day raven black, this attack doldrums hit me landlocked clock on the wall is mocking it was a present from your father antique and complicated just like us I navigate a back way to bus stop and wait for a ride I’m running on a carousel I am unable to define this time you told me one of my issues: I must always have a name for things guess you win because I do not know what to call this place I find myself … Continue reading Raven


In the Yukon valley Where I spent my summer past I was alone in the bush where The tide’s slow and the river moves fast And, oh that golden temptress That golden witch We were on the tundra In a land where the sun don’t set In the Yukon valley Where you left me You left me on my knees On the Athabasca Delta We retraced our tracks All through the woods where we found A compass and a prospector’s mound And I pushed off in my boat With the gold prospector’s ghost Search forever But you won’t ever find … Continue reading OP’s TSotD-PUP

Facing south

there is a pall on this place I shuffle down the darkened hall the one with all the pictures on the wall and deliver the forms under your teeth I bear it like a final birching before being released from Changi prison it’s caustic this face I am facing south where we sheltered from the rains and we were close. the oftentimes of the infinite intertwine and we were so entwined…once I carry the life I had and bury it in the sea so it will drown. And in the heart of the West Texas basin so it will burn. … Continue reading Facing south

That one time I saw you

finally. It felt like the first time the last time I saw you I was reeling back that life line I threw to you when you fell down in that hole you carry around It was mystery, and pain horror and disdain a curse I just knew that I could break, as I was a sorcerer in love with hurt the hypnotic call of that chasm drew me in, and how I could close this portal of dolor return colour to your world but no. I slowly began to discover it was an abyss you had already surrendered to wholly, … Continue reading That one time I saw you

Why It Goes This Way

standing together we stand apart You spoke last but I fell at the start I see you you can see me I.C.U. this fragility invalid, pallid I move to speak cast down and out somehow impenetrable the air that surrounds us I know we have begun the ending of our love I’m not sure how to say you will always be a part of me I am who I am due to you but what we had has faded from view candid heartbeat of the after you pinching the bridge of your nose time drifts on solar winds winding the … Continue reading Why It Goes This Way

bending low

  bending low it’s all the thoughts I cannot express talking slow the words you are forming have no meaning there’s no weight speaking in zero gravity undertow all of the times we lost ourselves in yesterday late nights of no tomorrow summer kissing and bottled lightning sweet nothings and keg parties mushrooms and marijuana dust under my fingernails smelling of mesquite and bourbon when did we die? I am not sure I can quite remember the exact day It may have something to do with what you’re trying to say waiting for it now bending low, gravel pressing through … Continue reading bending low


Grasping convolutions anything will do really corrugated steel rictus pulls at corners a shadow play in ritual dusk down another glass of slow derision at the nearest watering hole wondering how and why I am unholy reconcile I’m alone with the pictures we both inhabit I could not hold the fire so now I choke on smoke and bathe in ashes my breath stinks of rebellion my words are heavy and low, lo unto tomorrow riveting the compunction to depart the now the how and when of it matter little respond to extinguish the embers of my love, of your … Continue reading Gestalt