Op’s TSotD-StarCrawler

It broke my heart when you left me I was so shattered I could hardly see That you replied and you took my friend How was I to know? You said you cared but you lied to my face You played the game making lots of mistakes I gave my heart then you took control How was I to know? I was on my own The end, the end The end, when will it begin? And now you think you’re a rockstar Glasses at night hiding who you are You fooled around thinking you’re a king How was I to … Continue reading Op’s TSotD-StarCrawler

lost in the clouds

Hey! are you okay? thought life had forsaken you once more in the gardens of the misbehaved those soft-spoken can be so loud it’s difficult to see ground when you’re lost in the clouds did I tell you? my dreams returned again just the other night I was so frightened of the passing I ran toward the light gates were open but you could not follow me in so I turned heel and strode toward the place you were standing tripping we fell forward in the sand hand in hand, I awoke to find you slumbering in my arms I … Continue reading lost in the clouds

Suburb Blues

idyllic cuneiform insouciant formality build a bear mansions and hybrid machines your Bernoulli principle are only beginnings of flight those feet are still firm on terra same as all the rest roll of eye telling not enough follows on Instagram this picture is incongruent it defines but has no depth on my Iphone X surplus of pride pleased worth of paper and plastic in hand ruby rube and offspring ruse under rude tones of narcissistic affirmation family affairs and fecal matters please drop the fucking pretense you’re a talking monkey same as all the rest so fuck off with holier … Continue reading Suburb Blues