when surround by godless one must become godlike the cursed stroke of Tyrfing the justice upon Sisyphus not the calm before or after but the violence at the heart of the storm not involvement commitment ‘Generally speaking, the Way of the warrior is resolute acceptance of death.’ the might of Typhon brought to bear in mind and soul the far off days of honey must be delivered by hours of blood and vengeance tiger, lion let loose from cage the wicked fang of oppression needs be met with rage. sometimes, it all must burn to be reborn. after all, everything … Continue reading godless

make Believe

Kiss kiss and make-believe. Former slaves no longer free. That’s not me. I am not free to be. One or three. Coarse touches in loving hate. Touching my body but not my face. Clean the plate and do not be late to the falling of the city gates. Wrap yourself in flags and olive leaf. I still do not believe. Conceive the intricacies in which to populate the morning news hypocrisies. More or less punctuating the state of our loose skin and crumbling facade disease. Unease creeps up into the playground of the democracies. Where we go and what we … Continue reading make Believe

Live Mi

The cannibals have eaten All of the good choices Beseech the gladhanders Upon the beach of glamour One shoe too large One sock too small Selling all the lamest fashion At the brand new unnecessary shopping mall Overpaying spoilt youth to be rude To the people who need the work the punishment rarely meets a crime the shine is off poor dustbin grins the Tower is crumbling and the mad scramble for bread boxers boxing in boxers with martial art run from the wind and rain I’m feeling something here some may call it pain some may call it a … Continue reading Live Mi

World Poetry Day, yay

use your indoor voice said the monster to the man grinding turbine winter of solace nocturne animalization of our future sedate the sedition cut away cancer clean parabolic nations offer love to the fidelity of distress comatose virulent vocations of nihilistic interventions USE YOUR OUTSIDE VOICE with no plan you take the stand and garble truths to headline time universe just waiting for the next take push back gender war fealty pay what you owe you know blast from the past, happenstance ma ma ma ma microphone tiptoe to the wilting only raise your finger in traffic furnace speaks its … Continue reading World Poetry Day, yay


I think I finally scratched that itch.  You know the one.  If you don’t then fuck off, you don’t need to be reading my confession.  Got a lust for a bust and I am on the cusp of something.  Eyes wide with the fear of the near.  Not looking for repast, I am past living in the past.  A fast turn away from memory lane.  Don’t care whether first or last in line, I gotta make do with the left side of the righteous.  I am due a rebirth and we lay down to the last carol.  If I can … Continue reading Scratching


She was a snakebite all applewood smoke and sundowns forthright and out of sight it was a shakedown and it started with a frown I was a poor boy all limbo shine and coarse ground Midnights and gasoline all we need to motor through the tall light smeared dirty clean with a hand out shave off an inch or two heavy hands and nicotine just need a spark bathing in the fountains of another trailer park bruising in this shitty town she was a snakebite She was so loud you never registered her sound I knew it was a shakedown … Continue reading Snakebitten

Weight of Ways

It’s the way down I am weighed down It is the words that are storming in the back of my head It’s the dead and words said It’s the waydown solve my mystery for me I condone but do not belong We all strive to keep alive the slow songs of the last dawn It weighs down on a heart concurrent salvations in a place of damnations What belongs here and those apart catcalls and masturbations apartheid and insinuations it is the weighing down done unto one form of another gun scratching the serial to provoke the surreal killer craftwerk … Continue reading Weight of Ways


bruise and brush elliptical orbits of never coming together I hammer nines and convolute gang signs misnomers cast breeding angst and shiver recognition of falter eminence of function and bewilder patriots of jaundice white bone pall bearing sons of squalor it’s the 3rd time this year sequester and harvest all those cute little fears they cut up my name to make it easier to say I hope it cuts their tongue every time they decide to bray the decay worrisome lads fleeing their feelings and the creeping nausea oh peeping Tom photograph plucked from the ether pay your registration fee … Continue reading Bruise


An unearthly visage set in grim mask.  It seems words come everyday, every way. Something happens; I know not what.  Majesty or tragedy.  Traffic.  I feel it gathering, like dust in antique store, West Texas.  Blind as a fool in a hurricane wind.  Some other sense pulling.  My soul grows restless and time of change is coming. Caress the pattern.  Observe the mystery of sigla that speak of kings, mountains, wars, rivers, home.  A key to some greater meaning.  Criminal that we cannot find it.  Shopping malls and hospices.  Kerosene on my fingers.  The smell of orange and cardamom. Something … Continue reading Sigma


This was inspired by my friend Georgia.  XOXO   How can I feel so much pain yet feel nothing how many times have I been stung yet never touched by the sting If forever is a fever if never is never what good is it to be this fucking clever I know what I know and write it down to show but no, I’m a low fellow I cannot go that way what use is useless, clueless sometimes mostly stupid and tuneless ostensibly deranged but you knew that so how can I feel so fucking dead was it something that … Continue reading Carcrash