A folding of forms

There is blood in the indecision Ineffectual in effigy The loss stains the water mayhem comes before form of thought and action corals, pale blues finger upon cold lips a radiance too dark finds history in current life just below the surface a glamour of perspective honesty is brutal rippling reflections waves carry a secret until encountering break red droplets of regression palette silver anguish of green cut to the quick, knowing of life in-between image courtesy of Pinterest Continue reading A folding of forms

Weight of Ways

It’s the way down I am weighed down It is the words that are storming in the back of my head It’s the dead and words said It’s the waydown solve my mystery for me I condone but do not belong We all strive to keep alive the slow songs of the last dawn It weighs down on a heart concurrent salvations in a place of damnations What belongs here and those apart catcalls and masturbations apartheid and insinuations it is the weighing down done unto one form of another gun scratching the serial to provoke the surreal killer craftwerk … Continue reading Weight of Ways


bruise and brush elliptical orbits of never coming together I hammer nines and convolute gang signs misnomers cast breeding angst and shiver recognition of falter eminence of function and bewilder patriots of jaundice white bone pall bearing sons of squalor it’s the 3rd time this year sequester and harvest all those cute little fears they cut up my name to make it easier to say I hope it cuts their tongue every time they decide to bray the decay worrisome lads fleeing their feelings and the creeping nausea oh peeping Tom photograph plucked from the ether pay your registration fee … Continue reading Bruise

Lingering Shadows

I linger in shadow course by stone Norse winter snow-white tangible thoughts she brings weep, o weep for us a pallor mortis crosses crowded feuds feasting, furrowing forces fade a scar upon my face in measure I linger in shadow you know my name but I do not seek your hand you are not mine to claim wilden beasts of yore fallen have I seen travail in many travels victory and honor have suffocated me, dulled my spear brought ruin upon my sunlight it all falls away softly litany of solace written in sandstone collars of gold make lovely bindings … Continue reading Lingering Shadows

The Eyes have It

the eyes have it the moon in transit a darkening of mood and sky a judgement carrying the weight the aye’s have it the casual violence of neglect indelible the distance of doubt fear and respect in the same costumes gavel pounding out a sentence of nothings as the sun apologizes for naught it burns everything, for it is a nuclear furnace and cannot change its core the eyes have it nonchalance the quest for prosecution the defense will rest the jury has been summoned the soul carries the motion the court report of a silent barrel rolling like a … Continue reading The Eyes have It

Poetry Is Me

Aurora, bore me Alice fled from my responsibilities with a stolen smile and a London overcoat sickly sweet surrenders and citron martinis just another Armageddon Wednesday gaunt debutante sambas your salsa burns baby where I go will you follow me to show me all I can never know? grandfather of no one miasma of that great era it tears at tears and fears forests of folly fending famished fiends of fire hydrochloric acid words educate my body in your ways I am feeble and scrambled like a short wave under water running a hustle, bustle slinging my game out on … Continue reading Poetry Is Me


Intern In turn, interment Interim intermittent Enter, around the winter The saints shake stones Sharing the stories of Impertinent youth Impairing reasons, deliverance Casual impersonation Impermanence inspired Taking tolls from souls Imparting partitions In parts unknown interspersed envisions envision immanence Immaculate, inking Incisions to grasp Cold bone introductions Inhabit inhibitions Imprison, impartial Improvising provisional Empirical formulae Interruption of vision Inexact injuries Idolized immolation Infancy impinges upon Impending implosion Influx immunity I or eye or i.e. Imbue Impoverish Isolate Incinerate Inflame Impale Impure Intomb Interpretation? I or me or we or you or them or us or they or he or … Continue reading Interment

Feeling Dirty

I like to lick the shadows and live like a queen.  Affluent influences and dirty dreams.  Magic markers spell hard truth in the afterglow, flashing like raindrops through a floodlight.  Braker breaker 1-9, cigarette butts and the ends.  Bar-down in glitter town with the touchy-feely gloves of a truck-stop masturbator.  I can dance in the shadows or run in the light.  I have to give to get when wet, you know what I mean?  I mean, I can’t have it all and eat my cake too.  We all need to get scars while working, true?  Through the bottom I can … Continue reading Feeling Dirty


Constantly stoned But I’m copper tone Stalk into Sioux Falls my Sue fell down for nothing she gets drawn into the pavement my lovely chalk outline bride Her touch is cold But oh, that smile Enterprising reprisals Eschew the formalities Smokey dawn horizon And the starry night behind We’ve been running For a good long while Capsize cornerstones Even in the basement Erasure, closure, suture Spite I find that time will Kill us all slowly Like salt melting in lime We speak of the fallen And the keys to all of the doors She never says much But, sure, I … Continue reading Bride