ragged harmonies


I have shitty person syndrome.  I finally got free but it flares up occasionally.  I would sing you a wish but that’s just wishful thinking…remember that time I tried to make you fondue ’cause I knew you were fond of it too but it turned out like fucking glue and so I used it to put up flyers for that missing kid.  I saw a murder of crows today and I swear they were flying sigils of Enochian majic.  Stop, don’t tell me I’m crazy and yeah I know what it sounds like.  she’s never coming back.  I can’t stop thinking about all of this rain and the bodies of those people shot in worship.  Where is/are the gods/God/Goddesses and how in the actual fuck does this help turn the wheel of the universe?  Definitely makes me think sometimes that the big guy just spun this dreidle and went off to play with other toys.  yeah, i heard she was seeing other boys….what’s that got to do with the price of tea in China?  I’m going to paint a Star of David on my forehead then go to a white supremacist rally. if anybody wants to join me, just call.  I don’t believe in anything at all.  Well, respect and goodwill towards all human beings.  But that’s it.  Except you and you know who you are.  God I wish she was coming back.  I hope they find that kid.  I got problems like everybody else; we all deserve a chance to figure them out.


image courtesy of Pinterest

14 thoughts on “ragged harmonies

  1. I have shitty person syndrome. I finally got free but it flares up occasionally: I can’t resist starting lines like these, and the rest of this piece tells me that resistance would be my loss. And the photography you chose suits it so much.

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