emptiness and cold water

emptiness and cold water

“how cold is the water”

she said

my answer, far

contrabassoon over

empty harbor

days glazed in

bourbon haze

temperatures rise

fall, bitter, sweet

tides bring

arctic currents here.

she knows the way

lingers too long,

longingly staring

into smokey sea

at me, mirrors

clouded sun grazing

upon surface

it is the shadows

she fears, darkening

“how cold is the water”

she asks, shallow

breath taken

just before

chill will bend

what you know

frozen, we

all take our turns.

deep is this hurt

burns something fierce

frigid, space

I can no answer

her tears slip

onto the dust

of aeons

“cry I say, cry

scream into the wind

leave here

never return

run, run

let your heart

warm, I love


only she hears


across an inlet

in emptiness.


image courtesy of Pinterest, photography by Johnny Abegg, model Jara



28 thoughts on “emptiness and cold water

      1. There great new Vanessa! I hope it works out for you. Yeah, I’ve been stupid sick but finally over it. We just got home from Spring break trip to DC 💚


      2. So happy you had a great trip!

        Sigh…I truly see Trump as the big, toxic zit on top of a huge problem (and you know I am putting that politely 🙂 ) that’s been around for ages. Our system here is so broken as well. It’s farcical, the two party thing. 😔 Er I should stop there before I start ranting and really cheering myself up haha

        Liked by 1 person

      3. haha you do have wonderful flexibility in your writing!
        It does sound like a good title…one I would laugh my butt off after a glass of wine or two. And the good Lord knows it would be good for us humans to have a laugh. Yikes, come on world.
        Hope you have a good day OP! ✨

        Liked by 1 person

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