Missile Silo Silence


air in here, stale

a pale fear, clearly

of past expression

uncertainty my last remaining


a fervent calculus upon canvas

by proxy, this attention


our callous trappings

we earn what we learn

in scars, a Celtic matrimony

to deadly nature

exhibition three-fold

terror of lesser beginnings

have we all become our


insular affirmations

contain our


we, walking in dread

burlesque pageantry

sup upon marrow, corrosion

clenching red flags in armored fist

torn by southerly winds

I still crave your notice

when on all fours

hungered by self-hatred


aghast and broken by retreat

missile silo silence, apex

carry threats far and wide

caught up in confines

of calamity,

we are becoming



image courtesy of Pinterest

13 thoughts on “Missile Silo Silence

  1. Hooooollllyyy WOW! I love everything about this! That image is killer and your piece is stellar AF. Well done, Punk (thats my name for you now) ♥️🖤

    Liked by 1 person

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