make me monster

make me monster

make me monster,


elliptical seances

pull us towards

muster all your worth

less becomes more

at times, we live

lower in the highest

places, we beseech you

come and hold candles

wind, winding down

this rain will never

stop being, cold

cadaverous, your word

has withered

sun-drenched promise

little sustenance, on

poison substance

we beg

mercy does not

know me

hopeless and drenched

make me monster

I find terror

when alone,

I feign mercy.

Just the same,

I feel without….

it’s all fire, anger, fear

make me,


ravenous in

sundown. Lest,

you should hope,


we will find us


do not forget your medicine.

makes us,


image courtesy of Pinterest


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