metal Colors, Titania pt.2


where is your shore, embanked

upon escarpment, stand absolved

wrapped nine broken toes, embark

horseshoe cold, gripped

tidal falls call us what?

call us home to One who

can make everything

void (to start again)

pulverizing, ponderous, predication

go find others to contest

your venom grows tepid, little viper

wanton weariness, enamored

by shining doublet of insecurity

porous pride.

Deliver us, O Lord, from the whispers

of evil minds, for you have heard

sounds of our weeping

we kneel, supplicant

God will answer.

none before another

linking hands to become

Stronghold, embargo

Iroquois iris, smack

swallow, hallowed

bow down before mourning, lest

judging bookworms force


gales of force will forcefully

foment infanticide

emperor of forensic credence

cadence, succor us that prostrate

sycophant, supplant, pour

mercury in arrow

let fly our grievance

O First Borne

for none dare question


hang us loose dolls

in angry noose

slander us with neglect

label me vertigo, indigo

summary of your indoctrination

platinum tassels, lovely trinkets

pomp, romp, glorify misgivings

bereft of snakes, rats fester

bringing quick plagues that deafen

titanic tones, betrothed to upheaval

all relative when in a roll

cage, better odds make

for more precise bereavement

let’s all have a go

at the others, falling

towards a failing, kindly

a dagger of abattoir, persistent

under fingernails, sin

finds us forever

pants down around


smiling for your service

I can crucify misbegotten

happenstance, here

our adolescent chatter

commitment, fellowship

fellows in a sinking ship

deserted deserts bury

small insects burrow deep

winds carry virulent, Shalom

indolent, peace be with you also


in pieces petty, larceny

watch your step or

stumble, watching an other’s heels

heal me narcissistic

praise pugilist  pedantic

discover paradigm of felicity

a god will smile, missing teeth

all the while.

it breaks that way sometimes.


image courtesy of Pinterest



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