metal Colors, Titania pt. 1

metal colors

I brought pain you carried

hurt, in hands cupped

spilling out as Pacific rain

coastal storms shaking tones

sighs turn to groaning

grown in a garden of neglect

metals, of color uncertain.

tales spun by passing bard

a place of dull sorrows

fretting over tomorrows

we follow banners, tattered

in a requiem, you will fail me

I understand why, so I

will pull down the sky

creating chaotic, deep shade

of blues, drowning

I understand why

still is this, epiphany

stark it is, a cry

resonant, a meteoric rise

untouchable fear that only

true loneliness can hear

looking through waters

clear, current

moving as application

horizon, light-speed tyranny

bound in iron eyes, reflection

fires in distance, eloquence

as a hand gesture, open

scars marking 6 fingers

played out in prose

aperture, skinny caricature

we find priority of shallow sacrifice

en garde, deliverance

sweet lips of dolor, swathe

children in brick and mortar

be blackened positive, telemetries

of staring and phantoms

moribund kaleidoscopic, apprehensive

quiet footfalls of photo-shop carhops

hefty realism, bent quadratic

effervescent, incandescent

alligator predator senator, boots

kings of rings of prostitution

crown us in debt

lobby four, more absinthe

lawful in crime, never our rhyme

squeezing through keyholes

enamored with accretion, chilling

five fundamental finalities, harmful

all alarming falsity, faint

I’m an impressionist arsonist, down

under covered and cornered

by visions of a Catholic hell

visions eventually collapse

unto us whom are forgotten

kindred, kith, brazen in arms

a digital deified, a Derringer heart

love is gone, love has


Once, upon no time

I recall milliseconds

terror and peace jumbled

jester was dying, I long dead

pistons keep pacing, we

oil, water, toxins, so willed

fucking double barrel, crystal


calling out unbelievers, in case

we find you have arrived

have apocalyptic crackers

crayon colored candy apologies

I’ve had a hand in it all

this is what IT has become

intricacies hidden, at base level

mountain, sellers will fill

buyers hand

beware, Beware

minds of saccharine men

till this black soil until

top-side comes, gold

basalt and limestone

construct well this rampart

if it please you, Eyes

have seen everything, childe

Reckoning, in a rattlesnake shake

revolvers winking out omissions

unto thee, unto me.




image courtesy of Pinterest

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