Temper temper temper

Speaking 31 flavors

Of madness, you stalk

me once again

Dance in iris

tourniquet Titan

Breaking through seals

Make the deal

A Devil sits at my table

Progenitor of pale hollow

The air in here is casual

A callous malice whispers

Pressing upon

all the dreams

Dying in the cracks

Of the floor


There’s a model of

your bathroom from

the old apartment

in my heart where

you live.

there’s a deal

with a Devil

on my mind

why is negotiation

such a grind in this place

there’s a Giant at my table

talking about how he’s been

feeling small

all my days

are bleeding color

hard targets in

soft appliant praxis

barking dogs worry

over the scraps of souls

in a bin out back


I should be worried,

you know?

regression to the mean

a Golden fact

when caught in an act

keep reading your lines

never break character

in front of a Devil.

If I sign my name

there will forever be

a hole in my heart,

bathroom would finally

be empty.

I could pray for peace

in Hell, but hell,

looking at the whole

a piece of you

may be poisoning

me slowly,


maybe it’s not worth

my soul.

I don’t know.

I think perhaps,

I should stop

going to places

full of Devils and Giants,

where my mad

flavors begin

to lose the taste of you.

I never wanted to let go.

not really.

more a fool, me

in a land of

bleeding color.

1,2,3. same fucking steps

I keep forever,

repeating madness.

image courtesy of Pinterest



17 thoughts on “I.II.III.

  1. I love dancing to your madness. I do have a question — I have been on WP for at least 5 years — how in the Hell have I not read you before now? I feel like I’m late to the party. But, that is pretty much my story. Glad I have found your words now.

    Liked by 1 person

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