It was the best of times and we all had a bottle full of promise.  The summer was on and full; iron in the blood.  the sun was big as were the dreams we shared on our sleeves.  the picture of beauty was Hope Sandoval singing Fade Into You on MTV and we were all looking for that one person to dance with.  We ended up jamming together for a while through a few LollaPaloozas then went separate ways. I can’t sing and I don’t like to rhyme, i’m not much of any…one.  If there somet….stuff I could say I guess it would be a proper goodbye to those who never made it out alive and that I hope you all know i loved you.  I was a drunk and a druggie and remember that time when I spent the whole year on acid? yeah, me either and it’s probably for the best.  I do remember your hair, Liz Phair, dank pot and the bars after the kitchens closed.  I recall those days every time I smell Shiner and hardwood smoke barbecuing Texas beef in the evening.  Mesquite and a bit of cherry.  Sometimes apple if we were working pork.  our feet tangled beneath the sheets and espressos at 3p, rushing to get to a class I would eventually drop.  Ah, good ‘ol days seem more like a glass of Screaming Eagle Cabernet as the years pile up behind you.  What more is there to say about wasted time than hopefully it was wasted well, in good company and high spirits.  I’m sure we weren’t such good company but I can guarantee you we were high and living the days as if we had a million more, or none at all. Isn’t that the way youth is supposed to flow? there’s no doubt about some of the things we shouted I’d like to take back, put in a sack, beat with a shovel and bury in the back yard.  But hey, that’s why they call them regrets. I ain’t sure about much, and there’s less than that I know but fuckin’ A do i miss the summer nights of ’94, as if all the world was singing Fade Into You as she knocked upon my door.


to the good old days of yore my friends

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