watch me.

watch me

I don’t care what you are I no longer care what you need I sicken of watching you watch Me. your breath stinks of prison rations. I’ll find turbulent times and flow.  conjugal visits form crust on memory of your albatross.  it’s heavy, the lifting up.  a crime, concomitant with verse. this need to nurse failure is a sickly pastime.  choke on our dubious catastrophe.  half alive, have a laugh about the sheer volume of venom rushing us toward a destiny of mayhem.  i’ll keep up, i swear. 2, plus too many revolutions, we resolve to revolve around pantomime. if only to crack that rictus posturing, you are benevolent miasma.  Push, and learn.  we will drag you down with us. watch me.  there is no cure for this meandering dearth in dark halls hollow, all hallowed be thy name in gutter mud.

we watched.  watching you, watching me, let’s flow.  we all know where we are going so meet us at the crossroads beneath the scarecrow priest.  we will attempt to quench our thirst there but the fire never stops burning.

watch me.


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