With feeling this Time – OldePunk

My first poem on Heretics Lovers and Madmen

Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen

Carotid artery mistakes
Incisive, this empty
Crawl is all I can do
When God was on
The face of the deep,
I was under him
A darkness indescribable,
Without form
Let there be light
Writhe inconsequential
Need for nothing lost
Feel summons to whom I belong
Calling, chattering never(always) silent
No words, no structure, incessant
My love is buried in what I hate
The meat of it still hangs from raven’s claw
His breath be stronger than mine
Crossover incognito, mouth full of poison
Lying insight on a slow dead spring
I’ve eaten an angel’s wings
Fucked a devil in disguise
You remember meaning
I saw black skies
Nothing more black than darkness
I keep feeding
I keep forgetting
It wants me to let go
I no longer know this reflection
I know prolonging little deaths
Will not bring peace
If you look long enough in the abyss

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