Once, I

Once, I

A proverbial mushroom

in the closet

fed you know what

eat me and get high for a while

vomit me back into the toilet

I will eventually make my way back

into your drinking water.

There’s no hiding it.

I’m down deep and you know it.

Just flush and stop staring at me…

I’m a wadded piece of gum

used and dry, stuck to the bottom

upside down, always looking at the ground

in shadow, hoping to get scraped

discarded in the bin

I believe it would be

an improvement.

I was a noble sea creature, beached upon

dark strand, desiccated by midday sun

lessened and hardened, blackened

changed into something


my once bright truth, now tainted

turned to deceit

and most sinister

lies that become the monster

left behind after

time and circumstance have done.

Flash your photos

and put my pic in the tabloids

‘ancient evil dies on shore’

Perhaps I will be studied

After I’m dead and dissected,

someone will discover

that this monster was a good person,

once, I.

maybe, but I will

eventually decay

and find my way

back into your waters.

So we can begin

the tragic soiree′

all over again.

I keep hoping some of my truth

will survive this time around

just once, I.

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37 thoughts on “Once, I

  1. What a very interesting perspective on this. The idea that we create monsters out of beauty !
    So true. and all in all ending up back in the drinking water of something for sure! Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I liked this poem. In 1992-1994. I walked from Fort Ord to Monterey city coastline in California. Three 5 am morning walks a week. I saw the poor dead animals. I had to report. I enjoyed this poem. Took me back and you are welcome.

        Liked by 1 person

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