Lamron Efil


dismember the concepts

in valleys of unrest

set norm of forgotten

line of sight


sights are surreal in abstract light

sound of soiled years in confusion

elapsed time cherry wood-worked mind

maturing sin, a disease of nation

application hardware stand still destruction

Tuesday afternoon appointment

Hating the looks of genetic makeup

casual violence deed done relapse synapse

studio apartment penthouse playhouse

yuppie bimbo make-believe with

perfect score SAT

Brexit, stage left…

must you leave so soon? In a rush Irish?

morning traffic Russian ants on paved trail

army of disembodied disciples

voyeur Templars of diamond age destiny

wholly opinionated hard labor sentences

vacation in hell close to storms of fire

president of resolve(dissolve) bringer of despair

disrepair decisions to play with the gods

hypocrisy extremity living undead in downtime

sharpened senses see purity in deception

teen pregnancy an unplanned parenthood

no safety for unlearned consequences

unrest is priced high and time moves swiftly

family matters


when there is so little left of the family

armor of persistence makeshift honor

on Mars with 3D printed unreality

beautiful births of sunshine rising

rest in age of exaggerated fact

jewelry of bones head hunter watchmaker

metaphysical violence of passion rite

wrote of tears for the last runner

endless connections chainlink thoughts

lag-time corrections behind Cicero calculations

no rest for the daughters of none

extravagant notions, fruitless stand

nothing to buy at blessed hanging

gallows pole swings on pay-per-view

perfect reception into an afterlife

everyone watches you go

what of before?

strangers find strange things in strange lands

temptation fasting speaks with honey

bring me gifts buy my favor

all I want is more money, how weak

shame is not accepted here so have no fear

kindly parceled hatred figuring up the blasphemy

will continue course curriculum

grave cold souls made of steel camera eyes

look into city night and watch the dances

of angels and antichrists all with hopes

dreams of visions of petty concerns

born to be brave born to lose

sad silences come from multiple wounds

gaze cascade unto fading freedoms

we never sought after, life of empty sleep

how quaint our cold weaknesses

that feel nothing for the places we used up

seething toxins poison son

touch crown of Hades with breakpoint flash-burn

sear endeavors of reeking labors in the snow

blood mingles with ice and precious gems

toll on road same as it was

last night and out of control

we must learn to die well

for only one chance is given

it’s just all normal life

so you better begin livin’

4 thoughts on “Lamron Efil

  1. When I read your words they affect me in such a deeply personal way that I struggle to maintain reading them. It is as though I’m looking into mirrors of my own disavowed truth. It’s always an incredibly powerful experience for me whenever I soak in your wonderfully interweaved words. Sometimes, it’s as though you’re speaking directly to me and at other times it’s as though you’re speaking through me if that makes sense. Never have i experienced such a personalized resonance upon reading something. Every time I hear your thoughts they force me to analyze myself through the lens of truth. This is a considerable feat. I can’t quite explain it. You have some kind of ethereality or perhaps, it is simply the ether of reality. You have astounding talent, my friend.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Max my friend, that is the most important thing anyone has ever related to me regarding my writing. I cannot thank you enough. It is truly touching and deeply personal to me. As a writer, I have always written because I needed to. I never really meant to open up for other people to read. To know how it resonates with me is confirmation that I made the right choice 🙏


  2. “…elapsed time cherry wood-worked mind
    maturing the sin a disease of nations
    application hardware stand still destruction…”
    Proliferation of weaponry alongside Tuesday appointments makes it easier said than done to jump into the stream of this bassackward ‘normal life’ and “start livin”.

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