the curvature of the earth

rippled in response

to your posture

a black sun

took a run at

my masculine

knocking me further into

this piecemeal suit

plastic and straw armor

I use when attempting to combat

level after level of your dungeon

morass of emotions tossed

into bin to recycle

become something new

subsequent quintessential

attempt to hold vortex

aluminum foil hat

ticker-tape pasteboard

facsimile of myself in retrospect

little black one, you ponder

ways to engage the space

in-between the lofty neon

peace found at table

coffee takes our order

sultry dark dark dark silk

sustenance grants a brief respite

conflicts pushing gaze SxSW

holy night, black-water bog ghost

lantern spurting images of nondisclosure

Gaelic knots take root

labeling appendages in effigy

maverick shimmer

journey across time’s glitter

unfiltered, unhinged

witness sky devour moon



mystic empathy

plays a rattling chant

over our bones.


image of the ethereal Phoebe Bridgers courtesy of Pinterest




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