OPTSotD-Dogtooth & Nail

How do I explain
When you ask me how I’m doing
I tell ya, it’s all the same
It’s all the same
Oh and how do we escape
A system that we’re feeding the truth is
We’re all to blame
We’re all to blame
And I’m surrounded by strangers even if I know their names…

Your voice is worse than a thousand nails on a chalkboard
Piercing my skull like Phineas Gage
Iron through skin and bone
But this railroad can only take me so far away…. so far away….

Shadows follow you
But I’m no follower
I don’t need to be saved
No leader no law no one rules me

How do you sleep
Cause I know I sure don’t
Blood on your hands means more money in your pockets
You’ll do anything for a vote


I grit my teeth as you speak in empty promises
Full of hope and just the right amount of vague
Sorry doesn’t mean much when the strings on your back are showing

I feel my heart beat increase with every word I read
Stories spinning ‘round steal me from my sleep
I can’t breathe when the tide is rising
Coming to take me and my family 
I’m lost at sea

Shadows follow you
But I’m not follower 
If you’re feeling the pain you’re awake 
But we have the power to change
We have the power to change (x4)

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