recrudesce(man I hope it’s a yes)


tempest, less

zest to address

I confess there

are these things

I need to purge

from my chest to

keep my heart hammering

for one more go.

Maybe paperless…

I was prescribed

chess to deal with stress

I became angry

’cause all I want is a win

quintessence, my twin

regardless, I feel better

than him.  I killed him.

With liquor and drugs

bone harmony and thugs

distress? yes, but I digress

from the story I was telling

before this mess

marginal, looking in

my own reflection

hate that grin, it’s sin

in the end that drives me

although I try to starve

my demons as best I can

bless my soul, not temptress

you are not are you not

religions could be birthed

in your movement

let’s congress, ingress

I wanna hold your hand

a small demand I think

given the fortresses

I’ve had to take

I guess i lessen

every wall i break

compress the blood

all will, no regress

inverness of politesse

please acquiesce

we can redress all

you ran away from

you call me

no press on dress

dinner is all

i like the red one though…

if you were asking.

i see you hide a smile

(yes, I think to myself)


image courtesy of Lola Kirke, photographed by Janell Shirtcliff for LADYGUNN, issue 16, 2018.

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