Ashen tones

ashen tones

cold bones of ash

brush down

hidden in seeds

of carbon

flesh of daoine sídhe

commend both sides

with grief

it’s flowing down

running around

madmen on toadstools

squawking of sound

many moons to see

poison was free

move on down

into valley

maple, rust

phoenixes of dust

have come upon

thee, naught be

here now

come on down

death moves quietly

evening nightshade

no wheat to sow

nor corn to grow

just bones in ash

ashen tones

seeded in carbon

no more disease

just nothing

now, bereft

empty seasons

of greystone snow

all journeyed onto

great halls below

o sorrow, o sorrow

come on down.

love lost, not found

in Poulnabrone

barrow mound.

image courtesy of Pinterest


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