fetching, impetious

impetus for wine horizons

bless’ed or become prey

infectious, intelligence

it doesn’t matter

what you’ve got on

you can claim me

imperious, impervious

scrape back the foam

Turkish coffee grit

showing in smiles

all around

blue filter-light

integral to this scorn

that adorns features

of a rag-a-bone man

playing take me home

on his gramophone

I watch you shift, cloudless

pleased to be pleasing

all the lush bastard boys

hanging out on patios

Camels and Coors….

I laugh about your arrogance

sigh reverence

satin speak crawls

into the nape of my neck

I shudder, chills, delight

where will you be tonight?

it doesn’t matter where

we go, I can come get you.

I mean, I don’t know

what to say

I hate fucking cliche

‘are you what you seem’?

‘is this a dream’

this is where you have

brought things

I’m a Hallmark

A Disney soap preteen hack

writing lovely dovey nonsense

if I’m honest though

this all makes perfect sense

when you believe you found that


we all become fairly dense

hard to accept a feeling so immense

I’m rhyming, forsaken

peel relevance

facade is leaning left

empower this driveby

sandy cheek goodbye

a repeat of those yesterdays…

I awoke

sweating and old,

with that question

still echoing in my ears

where will you be tonight?

image of Frida Kahlo courtesy of Pinterest

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