Turning pages that I can’t read-revised

Turning pages

turn pages on the sun

lost and I’m loaded

corals curl under my eyes

gettin’ high on dragon smoke

I dance with Ms. no one

she tells me I’m fine

but I know I’m gonna die

we’ll turn another page on the sun

sing about mercurial days

many ways we wanna win

eat this porridge of sin

don’t know where to begin

I know to top it with some butter

you can’t wipe it off your chin

that shit stains you forever

Ms. no body says I’m fine

I know that’s her only line

’cause she’s all in my head

kinda wish we were dead

turn a page on the moon

I find I’m kinda half alive

I musta done it wrong

that’s what Coward said

I go by Yoda’s words

Do or don’t, there’s no try motherfucker

or something like that

you all know what I mean

we just jivin’ on this blue machine

tell me what have I become?

am I less or sum

child or man, shit

can I get a hand

some one that gives a damn

I need libidinal dynamism

so come and kiss me

let’s take a walk or drive

I need to feel something now

can you help me to remember how?

Let’s burn books on the sun

get a bottle and run

legends are waiting to be born

we can drive away from mourning

I have to get away from here

I need to get away from here

come on and let’s go

why and how does not matter now

let’s not turn another page.

What do you say?

“you’re fine.”

this answer

you had

already insinuated,

love should

never be




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