OPTSotD-Infected Rain

Lena Scissorhands is like a grunge/death metal Gwen Stefani…..awesome


You think you’re so different
But you are playing by their rules
You think you’re so special
But you are the one to lose.
That’s exactly what they want
They use you like a magic wand
If you’re not smart enough to see
Ice cold shower is what you need!
Get up from the couch
Your life is passing by you
Your lazy bones just keep you down
Heavy limbs imprisoned you
Complaining about everything
You don’t move to change a thing
Too busy criticizing and hating everyone
You forgot to become someone
You are wasting your time
Hating your own kind
You’re losing your mind
Your sanity, your light
Hiding in your room all day
You’re vomiting hate
Drinking your life away
You’ve built your own cage
Nothing and no one will change you
Your body is stiff, petrified
Flowers of mold are in bloom
Your guts and your brain putrefied

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