toothless but chewing anyway


antiquity of the river stone

laid the path for moon dog

and his fur abalone

shone deep for the morlocks

a line is formed

the lion pales

in the grove of Gemini

many monsters for the culling

a cut above

a cut to sow

find grains of sand

in time to forget

Laylat al-Qadr and first verses

ne’er do well

holds a basket of heads

taken in times of caligosus

ten for ten means nine in hand

fingers curl to leeching

trickery another way

to pay for it

single minded in form

inimical amnesia bought

cast out new yesterdays

Whom possesses the largest eraser?

and it goes like this, it’s poignant and dangerous. felt it fled(spread?) to the dark side of the moon so I called her dog back to the barn and hay had spilled out in golden treasure by a lake that has no name and we were just floating on a dream in amber and one could see the multiverse in the bottom of tear that reflected off of the lapse in judgement by our Father and he pushed me back out into

the other place

in finding it all

I found nothing

our lion is ill

and his coat is colored charcoal

this Satsuma memory

is no longer as sweet

still seeds are here

fruit has jewels if you but

plant the corpse

I was once a smith

could be once again

with willing hands

we would favor to forge new tools

in the stead of

primeval weapons

wrought to open

half-forgotten wounds


image courtesy of Pinterest

Poetics: Getting Personal 

20 thoughts on “toothless but chewing anyway

  1. The abalone and charcoal of the beasts, the basketful of heads, the caligosus and the perpetual forgetting… I know what it’s like to live with too many monsters, and it could hardly be called living. Even when we’re not actively brandishing our weaponry and slaying, we become harsh under the moon defending ourselves from the night and all other ignorance. Thank you for this revelation, Dennis.

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