we’re all blind in the beginning

Some say life

it is a river

but I say fuck that

it’s a flame

you and me, we’re proper bandits

off of our rockers in full-throated harmony

I once heard your name come across

in some forgotten tune on a Wurlitzer

and it sounded like LSD

we take what we need to

if we deign to designate

your filth, this disease

will paint your front door

a scarlet red A

go Big or go home is the answer

to the question about to fall out

of your stupid mouth

so keep it shut

we don’t need no education

we front cold side with

a pimp stroke slide

drop a rhyme like Chuck D

drop a dime on that lazy greed

that is coursing through the outsiders

we bleed mercury and crows’ feet

tie chains to my insides and pull

at the heart of the matter

sometimes everything is too much

and we let loose together

with a rebel yell and a pint in hell

sine sine cosine tangent cotangent

intangible this breath of kinship

and hardcore motorhead love

that drives us to table

ace of spades

trigonometric symmetry

here is something you can’t understand

pierce evernever places

hand in hand

walking on smoke in a halo

ain’t life grand

life is a flame,

we will go out.

until then we burn

bright enough to shine


image courtesy of smokegrenades on Instagram

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