the light

the light

The light, end of the tunnel

Blinded me

I stumbled

Fell, fell tidings tell

Mouth full of earth

Written worm rot

Spell my namesake

temples pounding in temple

a prayer, yet not in faith

ready to anoint; award

assail, scour, our blood is young

far may ye roam

fall into eye of God

there, to live forever

reality bending, rainbows

vomiting to devour


rise, rise again

I stand to stay

may that light

come no closer.

one always is first

one must know, zero

nothing ever lasts.



17 thoughts on “the light

  1. Angry belly coffee! I’m told a splash of milk (more so than Mary Poppins saccharine spoonful) helps awake stay down 😉 which is a beautiful symbol in that we must have that sustainence of the beginning time …. A fine philosophy for creamy sugar coffee heads…. 😁

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    1. thank you so much Charlie. Yeah I was having a bad week and then the image of the black hole came out and I was entranced by it. This poem came to me later after pondering the event horizon and how a vortex in life can swallow you in the same manner.

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      1. You know I still haven’t seen the black hole? only online of course. Well, I live in L.A. so I couldn’t see nothing from above.

        Great observation. Of such a vortex had the capacity to swallow us blind…then that would be the end of all mankind.

        Your writings are always from the heart. Love it. 🙂

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